15 Creepiest Things in World of Warcraft


Have you ever seen, by chance, creepy things while doing quests, venturing into a dungeon or raid or just roaming around your favorite grinding zone?

I bet some of you have and maybe you are still wondering what was that creepy thing you saw.

Have no fear, you are not the only one who heard voices while killing the vile creatures of Naxxramas or encountered corpses of hanged men near the Scarlet Monastery while gathering materials for professions.

These are just two of the many strange things I’m going to show you in this post about the creepiest things in World of Warcraft.

Bear in mind that the items in the following list are in random order – their position within the list does not reflect their level of creepiness.

Before we go any further, please take note that some images or videos are quite disturbing and can adversely affect the emotional state of some individuals.

15. Lordaeron Throne Room

The Ruins of Lordaeron is all that remains of the City of Lordaeron, the great capital city of the Alliance, but now it serves as the major city of the Forsaken.

This once great city is literally haunted by the tragic final events that led to the death of King Terenas, Arthas’ father, and the city’s downfall.

If you played Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, then you might know the story and also seen the cinematic in which Arthas kills his father with his famous, cursed and freshly claimed weapon, Frostmourne.

The Throne Room in Ruins of Lordaeron, Tirisfal Glades.

The dialogue (although it is more of a monologue) between Arthas and his father can still be heard as echoes through the Throne Room in Ruins of Lordaeron:

“You no longer need to sacrifice for your people. You no longer need to bear the weight of your crown. I’ve taken care of everything.”

“This kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order that will shake the very foundations of the world!”

But that’s not all!

As a reminder of what happened there, the players can still hear the echoes of the voices of people celebrating Arthas’ return, the sounds of the bell ringing and notice the rose petals on the ground.

Moreover, if you go in the throne room where Arthas killed his father, you can still see the blood on the floor near the throne.

In order to hear the whispers, the sounds of people cheering and applauding and the bell ringing to Arthas’ return to Lordaeron, you must have your in-game sound and ambience turned up high and listen carefully.

Tip: this is a script of the sound file you can play in-game:

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Ambience\\WMOAmbience\\UnderCityThorneRoom.wav”)

Make sure to copy the whole line and be aware that “ThorneRoom.wav” might be an intentional typo and this file path is correct, although the sound files appear now to be hidden somewhere in the WoW data folder.

I’m guessing the file name was misspelled on purpose and I think that “Thorne” might be a reference to the crown of thorns.

Now you may ask yourself: what is the meaning of the crown of thorns?

The crown of thorns might be the finalizing act of Arthas’ final act of hatred towards his father, taking a symbol of royalty and majesty, a crown, and turning it into something painful and degrading.

The crown might not only be a symbol of Lordaeron’s fall but also a symbol of Arthas’ decadence as a human being.

14. Children of Goldshire

The Children of Goldshire, sometimes referred in-game as the CC, or Creepy Children are a group of six human kids that move in a group and appear in and around the Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.

They can be found upstairs in a house with two other NPCs, the Leatherworking Trainer and the Skinning Trainer.

The Children of Goldshire standing in the formation of a pentagram.

The children names are: Cameron, John, Jose, Lisa, Dana and Aaron.

Right after when you enter the room a spooky music plays and the children can be seen standing in formation.

The sounds in the house are the following:

  • A banshee scream
  • A ghoul call
  • C’thun (the Old God) saying: “You…will… DIE!” and “Death is close.”

When the children go outside, it seems that they point five different locations in Elwynn Forest that make a pentagram.

The Children of Goldshire in Stormwind in the pentagram-like formation. [Screenshot via TheGeeksLife.com]

 The more you know:

  • if you stand in the middle of the kids and use the quest helper, you are 666 yards away from the Elwynn Forest/Stormwind border.
  • if you look very closely in the grass to the southwest of the house, you can find two tiny skulls in the grass. Some players believe they are the children’s skulls.

The Children of Goldshire caused much speculations among players. This creepy thing is probably just another easter egg, while some say this is just one of the clues pointing towards to a Scourge-related event.

According to some Blizzard employees, this is an easter egg that relates to the Diablo franchise.

Watch the below video of Children of Goldshire in order to see what they’re up to.

Another thing that’s creepy about this video is that an adult human male is following a bunch of children around.

13. Thaddius

Thaddius [Screenshot via WoWHead.com]

Do you remember what I’ve said earlier about the voices that can be heard in Naxxramas?

This sums up Thaddius, the fourth and final boss in Construct Quarter of Naxxramas.

Commander Eligor Dawnbringer says the following:

Thaddius, built from flesh of women and children, it is said that their souls are fused together – eternally bound within that foul prison of flesh.

The video below shows the horrific sounds coming out of Thaddius.

The following quotes (as also heard in the video above) are heard echoing throughout Naxxramas while Thaddius is alive (as evidence by the video linked above).

  • Pleeeeease!
  • Stop, make it stop!
  • Help me! Save me!
  • Please, nooo!

Fortunately, and for the sake of sanity, the voices disappear after killing Thaddius, as reported by several players and tested by myself at 2 A.M.

As a twist, Thaddius thanks you for killing him.

12. The Hanged Corpses of Scarlet Monastery

The grim homeland of the Forsaken, Tirisfal Glades, is governed by death.

Located in Tirisfal Glades is the Scarlet Monastery which is one of the strongholds of the Scarlet Crusade, a group of insane zealots so dedicated to the defeat of all undead that they attack everyone, even the living.

There are even Undeads that fight alongside the Scarlet Crusaders…if you can believe it.

Many strange things are associated with this group of zealots, and one of them is their habit of gallowing their fallen enemies.

[Screenshot via Ironyca]

Those hanged corpses seem to be strategically placed near the main road, warning the traveler of the dangers to come.

Do you hate the Scarlet Crusaders like all the normal people do?

Here is an image of a hanged Crusader located near the Scarlet Monastery.

[Screenshot via GreenleeWoW]

11. The Unseen of the Duskwood

According to WoWWiki, the Unseen are invisible mobs that haunt Raven Hill in Duskwood.

They are neutral unless attacked, but since they are invisible to the naked eye most players are totally unaware of their existence.

[Screenshot via WoWWiki]

Their appearance may seem familiar to you because they don’t have an unique model and I’m sure you saw mobs which look alike while leveling or doing dungeons.

If you have been to the Raven Hill you may have wondered why the people are standing outside.

The old inn and the houses nearby are run down and the whole village of Raven Hill is haunted.

The Unseen walk the empty halls and they are hostile to the living.

They can be extremely dangerous to any class with AoE as they are level 49-51 in a 18-30 zone. Beware!


10. The Faces on Gnoll  and Quilboar Tents

Whether you’re an Orc or a Night Elf you still have to build your house from something.

In this manner, Gnolls decided to build their humble tents from human skin.

As can be seen in the picture above, the patched-up gnoll tents have a stretched human face texture as part of the construction.

It seems that Gnolls have a specific Leatherworking perk that allows them to skin Humanoids which players with the same profession don’t benefic from.

It would be unethical to skin Humanoids, even the furry ones, right?

As an adventurer I enjoy exploring strange places that I think are hiding something.

So I decided to run Razorfren Downs and I wasn’t disappointed.

I found that the Gnolls are not the only ones who like to skin Humanoids and use the resulting leather for decorative purposes.

Inside the dungeon (Razorfren Downs) there is a big tent-like construction which is patched together from a humanoid body.

It seems to me that the poor soul’s body was once of a brave Orc given that the Quilboars are the nemesis of the Orcs.

I would suggest you to go and visit these marvelous constructions as the entrance is free!


9. The Whispering Forest of Tirisfal Glades

As I mentioned earlier on this post, Tirisfal Glades is a place of unusual appearances and weird places.

The Whispering Forest is a pretty large forest located in Tirisfal Glades and it is accessible only via flight.

This forest contains plenty of diseased animals such as stags, does, fawns, rats and only one bear. Why only one bear? I don’t know yet.

To the north there is an unnamed lake and next to the lake is a chair and some fishing gear near it.

There is also a skeleton with an arrow stuck in his back and with a fishing pole in his right hand.

People say this place was visited by Nat Pagle once.

[Screenshot via WarcraftLessTraveled]

I guess this place sounds already strange to you but wait…there’s more!

In the center of the forest there is a mysterious ring of glowing giant mushrooms with a cloud of mist hovering over the circle for hours on end.

[Screenshot via Syrco]

But every now and then, a bunch of Faerie Dragons begin to appear, one by one, and fly over in the area of the mushroom ring.

As they appear, they also begin to sing and cast beam of lights, converging on the center of the mushroom ring.

Weirdly enough, the other animals come to see the event but when they get close to the Faerie Dragons, the mysterious ritual suddenly stops and the dragons slowly fly away and fade out into the sky.

Half an hour later, the event begins again.

8. The Sludge Fields

The Sludge Fields are a Forsaken fortification built over the town of Hillsbrad Fields and it is a prison where the captured humans of Lordaeron are sent for labor to work on the largest sludge and mushroom plantation of Lordaeron.

[Screenshot via WoWHead]

The fortification is crawling with Undeads and monstrosities like the Ray-Getz-Kalaba which is a creature that results of Farmers Ray, Getz and Kalaba being stitched together.

Ray, Getz and Kalaba take part of the Battle of Hillsbrad questline for the Horde.

The Sludge Fields is also an experimental lab for the Forsaken where they develop and test bio-weapons (see The Wrathgate cinematic) on…you guessed it…humans, living and dead alike.

As you can see in the picture above, there are half-buried Human Seedlings in the grounds of Sludge Fields.

As if inhaling the toxic gases produced by Forsaken’s bio-weapons wouldn’t be enough for this poor humans, there is a quest called Do The Right Thing.

It turns out this quest can be solved in two differend ways:

  • Use the shovel to smash in the Human Seedling’s heads to end their misery
  • [Right Click] the Human Seedlings to free them from the dirt

What would you choose?

Also, having the ambient volume high a bit can help you hear the horrific screams of the half-buried humans.

I do not recommend it if you’re faint of heart!

And since everything should be by the book if you’re called a Forsaken, the Sludge Fields have one more sample for the horror hungering:

The hanging corpses.

[Screenshow via Ironyca]

Not happy about your hands being clumsy?

Notice that the hanging corpse on the right was left without hands…


7. The Barber Shop Gnomes

This creepy thing about the Barber Shop and the dead Gnomes in Stormwind city should be a common knwoledge among Alliance players but not too many people actually know about it.

On the 2nd floor of the Barber Shop in Stormwind there are Gnomes bones lying under the floor boards.

This creepy little Easter Egg is a reference to Sweeney Todd, the barber who would slit the throat of his customers and hide them under the trapdoor in his floor.


6. The Unknown Soldier of Duskwood

Within the darkened forest of Duskwood an unmarked grave lies down an old beaten path past the Beggar’s Hunt.

Near this location you will see a little pond, a grave, a waterfall and two majestic statues which look as if they’re watching over the soldier’s grave.

“The Unknown Soldier” is a level 20 rare elite mob who’s kneeling in front of the graveyard.

It is clear that this “Unknown Soldier” was a former knight of the Alliance, due to his Grand Marshal equipment.

Something quite interesting is that the soldier pulls himself up out of the ground when respawning and then kneels before the tomb.

This Easter Egg might be a reference to the multitude of tombs dedicated to the soldiers remained unknown after the end of the two world wars.

Nevertheless, the location of the tomb is a nice place to visit if you’re not moved by the presence of the grave or the eyes that are watching you from the trees and bushes.


5. The Troll Orphanage

To the untrained eye this place may just seem like any other normal places in World of Warcraft.

There’s nothing creepy or sinister about an orphanage. What could possibly be creepy about a bunch of kids running and playing around?

After all, this place is located in Nagrand, which is one of the most beautiful places in the game.

Well, it’s not what it seems to be…

If you take a closer look you can observe some strange things.

First of all, when you talk to the woman she says: “Shh! Keep your voice down. The babes are sleeping” which will lead you to believe that this female troll is just taking care of the children.

But then if you start looking around carefully, you can notice that in the sandbox there is a giant skeleton of a creature that has died long time ago.

A couple yards away from that skeleton is a small box of dynamite.

If you then go to the little dog house you will notice that there isn’t a dog inside.

Instead, there is just a bunch of decomposed flesh.

Moreover, there is also a wooden mobile that has some baby Taurens attached to it while it’s swinging.

In the back of the lady’s house there are locked cages with one of them having carved flesh inside.

Some say this creepy place is a strong reference to Brothers Grimm’s “Hänsel und Gretel“.

Hänsel and Gretel are a young brother and sister kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch living in the forest in a house made of cake and confections.

Hänsel and Gretel may be represented by the children in the orphanage while Challe, the female Troll, could represent the vile cannibalistic witch.

Challe is a bizzare, unexplained and intriguing character.

Back in The Burning Crusade expansion we thought she was a creepy Troll lady who ran a daycare with suspicious child-sized skeletons lying in her vicinity.

But, along with Warlords of Draenor expansion and thanks to the Guise of the Deceiver quest, we learn that she is a shapeshifter who kills people to stay young and then transforms into them.

This is too a macabre activity but, let’s face it, it is less sinister than having kids for dinner.

Regarding Challe’s persona, she can’t really be a troll since she is on Draenor and has been there for years, as Gar’ok said he knew her as a child.

We can’t really know who she really is due to the fact that she takes the appearance of her victims.

This is a mystery that will probably be elucidated in a possible future expansion.

4. The Human Test Subject Room

There is no doubt Tirisfal Glades is already a creepy place but the “Human Test Subject Room” in Undercity is somewhat special.

The room can be found in the lowest levels of the Apothecarium and it is easily accessible by the fellow Undeads.

There you’re gonna find some Humans and a Dwarf imprisoned in cages who are apparently the test subjects for the Forsaken lab workers.

If you stick around for a while you’ll see the Apothecary Keever actually performing some tests on one of the subjects.

This mad lab scientist is constantly referring to himself in the third person.

Apothecary Keever says: Hmm, it would seem Keever needs a new subject. If that fool Abernathy keeps taking Keever’s subjects, Keever may have to have a word with him.

Apothecary Keever says: Ahh, there we go. Now, Keever must try this vial and see if it works.

Keever will turn his subject into a rabbit and a sheep while the other subjects are sitting there patiently and the woman is crying and begging to be released.

Eventually his victim explodes after being transformed into a critter which led some fans to believe this is a reference to the exploding sheep which is a popular thing in many video games.

Oddly enough, Apothecary Keever dies too at the end of the experiment.

The Apothecarium is also the place where the Undercity guardians are “assembled”.

Several Forsakens are working day and night to strengthen Undercity’s defence by bringing to life such creatures as the Abominations.

Abominations are undead, ogre-like creatures, mounds of corpses cobbled together.

Allmost all abominations lack any real intelligence and outwardly appear strangely joyful due to their low level of mental capacity.

Nevertheless, they look extremely ugly and I bet they smell even worse.

3. Scholomance

Scholomance is located in the Western Plaguelands inside the ruins of the palatial House of Barov, a zone run by mindless undeads and deadly gargoyles.

The database number of Scholomance is #6066 and some say this is intentional in order to give the zone a grotesque and devilish allure.

Many people believe that Scholomance a legendary school of black magic run by evil forces, supposedly located near an unnamed lake in the Carpathian mountains south of the city of Hermannstadt, now called Sibiu, in the Transylvania region of Romania.

[Screenshot via WoWHead]

A closer look at the Western Plaguelands map reveals that Scholomance is located on an island (surrounded by lake, of course), between the city of Andorhal and Hillsbrad Foothills.

In Dracula, Bram Stoker includes an intriguing allusion to a mysterious devil’s school in Transylvania. The Draculas, he wrote, “had dealings with the Evil One. They learned his secrets in Scholomance, amongst mountains over Lake Hermannstadt, where the devil claims the tenth scholar as his due.” The vampire himself was one of these scholars, a diabolic genius. – via Jason Colavito – Scholomance: – The Devil’s School

There are so many similarities between Blizzard’s story of Scholmance, Kel’thuzad and Barov family and Bram Stoker’s work of fiction, Dracula, that they could hardly go unnoticed.

You’re maybe bored to see and encounter Undeads and followers of black magic everywhere around the dungeon, but there is someone literally following you throughout your journey into the Scholomance.

[Screenshot via WoWHead]

Inside the dungeon there are plenty of portraits hanging on the wall.

If you look closer you can see that they have big bubbly eyes that follow you as you move.

Oh, yeah, and they look creepy as hell. Take a look!

Scholomance remains even today that place which gives you shivers up your spine whenever you cross its threshold.

2. The Spirit Healer

It is nearly impossible for a WoW player to have never crossed paths with a Spirit Healer at least once.

When you die in-game, your character’s ghost respawns near a Spirit Healer from which you can get resurrected at the cost of 25% durability loss to all items.

Many players find this entity creepy not because it is a connection between the world of the dead and the living, but because the sounds it makes, which are an amalgam of incoprehensive words spoken in a ghostly mode.

There is a conspiracy theory, that is almost as old as I am, which claims that the Spirit Healer does in fact whisper a coherent sentences that is hard to hear:

Play World of Warcraft. You can buy it by a card. Give us your money. That’s right, you’re a customer.

Here is a video in which you can hear the Spirit Healer’s voice accompanied by subtitles of what one might understand:

While Spirit Healers do emit strange, whispery sounds at low volume, Blizzard insists that they are just random vocal effects and that there are no subliminal messages linked to them.

1. The Karazhan Crypt

While World of Warcraft has terrifying and ghoulish elements all over the place, not many stand up to the macabre environment of Karazhan Crypt.

There is no one out there that could tell the true purpose of the crypts.

Some say it may be a playground for developers, a testing site for different things, an unfinished instance or maybe a future raid.

Other people speculate that is a lower portion of Karazhan, as some stories may conclude that Karazhan has secret rooms as part of the citadel.

Inside the crypts there are many subzones such as Tome of the Unrepetant, The Upside-down Sinners, Well of the Forgotten and Pauper’s Walk.

The whole picture of Karazhan is built based on the most grotesque elements.

Karazhan Crypt is the burial site for Aegwynn and Medivh, famous Warcraft characters.

The air looks thick and sealed by clouds of fog while deadly predators lurk around the desolated place.

From my point of view, the most terrifying subzone of the crypts is The Upside-down Sinners.

The room is filled with water and dead bodies hanging upside-down tied in chains. Some of them are hung by their feet and other by their neck.

[Screenshot via Syrco]

Even though it’s categorized by many as an Easter Egg, the Smiley Face under Karazhan still creeps the crap out of players.

The Smiley Face can be seen by logging out near Karazhan and logging back in before the doodads and NPCs load up.

Smiley Face underneath Karazhan Citadel without any doodads or NPCs loaded. [Screenshot via Disintegrated]

But why is there a smiley face in such sinister place underneath the building?!

No one seems to know the answer to this question.

Some say a level designer decided to place the Smiley Face underneath Karazhan because he was suffering from some kind of mental illness and developing the Karazhan concept drove him mad.

Of course, this is just a rumour and even though spending some time in and out of Karazhan area can make you question your sanity, it’s hard to believe such a story.

The Smiley Face is indeed creepy, considering its location, but we all know World of Warcraft has cool easter eggs in the most unusual places and maybe the purpose of this one is to give a smile to those who are fortunate to discover it.


I know it has been a long run and if you got to read this far either you like spooky stuff or you just scrolled all the way down to the comments section to bash my head against the wall.

Even so, head to the comments section and tell us what other creepy stuff you have encountered in World of Warcraft,

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