3 Big Lies in World of Warcraft



     1. City of Light quest. Khadgar’s servant

Khadgar’s servant in Shattrath city. City of Light quest.

Anyone who played Burning Crusade expansion and had done quests in Shattrath city knows this dude is lying. This is one of the most annoying quests in World of Warcraft. Khadgar’s servant often stops and tells you the story of the “city of light” and the atrocities that had happened in the city. The quest lasts about 8 minute and 15 seconds  Despite the fact that the story he’s telling is touching and interesting, his first statement is completely a lie and it still remains as one of the biggest lies in World of Warcraft.

     2. Being polite

One of the loading screen tips suggests that being polite while in a group with others will get you invited back! Well, this could work. I mean it worked for me once but people don’t give shit about you being polite. If you are not a good tank, or your heals and damage are too low, then being polite won’t save you. This is the mentality of many and it’s pretty sad.

3. Next one is on me

If you played Mists of Pandaria with the sound on it means you know what I’m talking about. One of the greetings sounds of male pandarens it’s pretty specific and at first interaction it really gives you hope. “Man, what if I buy this and the next one is free?

If the next one is on him, why didn’t he give me anything for free?! 




If you know other similar “lies” from World of Warcraft please feel free to leave a reply in the comment section below!

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  • Yurik

    man, that city of light quest is a pain in the ass

  • pandabastard

    that panda bastard owes me thousands of seeds. “next one is on me” my ass X(

  • rebelrose

    “i would like to browse your goods” lies! you really just want to vendor your junk. 😛

    • Goblin vendors are the most annoying vendors in the game, in my opinion. Even their creaky voices are unbearable xD.

  • Jubil

    this is so true

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