Asmongold Talks Big Love Rocket 1 Seat Issue + Special Video

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It’s that time of the year again, when love is in the air and people are spraying each other with perfume in front of the Stormwind’s/Orgrimmar’s bank. Players around Azeroth, and now Draenor too, meet in Dalaran to have a lovely and romantic meal on the green grasses of Kirin Tor’s hometown. But this is not the only place players like to gather during the festival.

Blizzard forums have always been a warm and cozy place where players gather up thoughts and ideas to improve the products.

Today’s topic is the pimpy, pinky, winky eccentric mount, Big Love Rocket, and why the hell on Earth Blizzard chose it to be 1 seater mount. This question has been around since the introducing of the mount and our distinguished guest, Asmongold, posted a must-read thread on Blizzard’s forums regarding this issue. *clears throat* *quoting*

“This is a post that I’ve wanted to make for a long time and it’s long overdue.

The fact that the Big Love Rocket mount is a one-seater mount is very upsetting to me. When I first received the mount a couple of years ago, I was overjoyed that I was finally able to take my internet girlfriends out on romantic escapades around Redridge Mountains and Westfall only to have my hopes and dreams crushed at the fact that the mount is only rideable by one person.

For me, this one hits a little too close to home. As many of my fellow no-life fat neckbeard brethren will attest to, the last thing we want to be reminded of is the fact that we’re going to spend Valentine’s Day queueing battlegrounds and getting killed by bots.

As least in WoW, I would have had the option to have a girl, or at least a female avatar, riding on my Big Love Rocket in-game as a consolation prize that I don’t have one doing the same thing in real life.

I’d like to petition Blizzard to implement a hotfix to extend my Big Love Rocket to fit two people at the same time, or at least allow me to buy another, Bigger Big Love Rocket that is an actual two seater mount like it should be.

#foreveralone #valentinesday

pls blizzard

pls respond”

Asmongold went full big d**k on this one and all other owners of a Big Love Rocket mount agree with him. But in the end it’s not the size of the rocket that matters…it’s the riding skill. Here is a song that everyone who owns a Big Love Rocket should listen to while riding it.

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  • Mortimer

    Oh my God, that video is so hilarious!!!

    And I agree with Asmongold!

  • Ashe

    Wtf last video -_-

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