Author: Tynael


Best League of Legends Jokes

1. Yo momma is so fat, Cho’gath feasted on her and gained full stacks. 2. Yorick walks into a bar. The bartender queue dodges. 3. Why didn’t Sivir win the spelling bee? Because she...


Best 6.1 Patch Arcane Mage Video Guide

Sometimes it’s hard to master a specific class and it’s even more harder if that class has recently undergone major changes like the 6.1 patch introduced. Fortunately, there are kind people who care about...


Tyrande’s Owl Owning Everything in HoTS

Many players say that Tyrande is a hero with weak abilities and no far-reaching impact on the game and she needs to be reworked sooner or later. Since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Tyrande...

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