Azeroth Choppers Winner And Why It Won

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Yesterday aired the last episode of Azeroth Choppers where we found out who won the contest and which bike is destined for digital glory. I will not reveal the winner yet in case you have not seen the last episode or any of its series.

How was the competition held?

The thing is simple. Two teams of engineers, divided in Horde and Alliance worked separately on two motorcycles and in the end the audience had to vote the most good looking bike. And now the fun begins!

Bikes design

From my point of view it could be better. Since the first episode I saw the bike platforms and I wasn’t that excited. The idea of a Horde tricycle was good but when I saw that the Alliance bike has no wheels, I got disappointed. At least Horde bike has a front wheel and looks good. Actually, I had higher expectations from the Alliance bike design. After I saw the final product I asked my self why they put they ultra shiny silver in combination with that pale gold, I mean, it looks kinda awful. Moreover, the Alliance bike is too low and the tail is a little long. Imagine a Night Elf warrior full equipped with plate armor how will he looks riding this bike. I don’t see a nice view.

I have no comment regarding the Horde bike, even if I’m an Alliance player. The bike looks good, it’s impressive and has all Horde features perfectly combined. I don’t want to be mean but I’m not excited at all with the Alliance bike and to confess, I voted for Horde.

War of popularity

alliancehordeandpanda  This is an infographic made by Blizzard a while ago and we can see that Alliance has more players than the Horde. That would make you think that the Alliance is more likely to win the contest but do not forget a thing, they do have more Alliance players but Horde players are more active and united. Ok, now you can fill my refrigerator, lol.  And last but not least, what matters is the final product, not just how popular a faction is. And I think players did choose correctly.


Final results

finalresultsOn the right you can see a demographic map with the locations of all those who voted. But yes, once again my country is not listed given that from here a number of 2.000 votes were given. This is a long story that I do not to reopen now. Now that I have given spoilers, I’ll let you watch the final episode of Azeroth Choppers.

Now tell me, what was your favourite bike and who should’ve won the contest? Leave a reply on the comment section below!

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  • JuliaMisha

    I agree with you, Tynael. Alliance bike looks awful.

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