Best League of Legends Jokes


1. Yo momma is so fat, Cho’gath feasted on her and gained full stacks.

2. Yorick walks into a bar.
The bartender queue dodges.

3. Why didn’t Sivir win the spelling bee?
Because she could only spell shield

4. Amumu walks into the bar, the bartender says
“Excuse me sir, we don’t serve you kind here.”

5. Who’s the most academically successful woman in the League?

Jinx, she’s got A’s whe the rest of them have D’s…

6. Why does Viktor make a great support?

Because he always has a spare helping hand.

7. Why can’t Fizz stay on his pole?

Because he’s incredibly unbalanced.

8. What’s Vayne’s favourite site?


9. Sometimes Volibear tells me jokes, but I just can’t bear them.

10. Why does Soraka throw bananas? Because She’s the only support that can’t peel.

11. What’s the yordles favorite phone carrier?


12. I used to know a really good LoL joke, but then i fURGOT how it went.

13. Who is Yoricks favourite champion? He really digs Graves.

14. Lee sin walks into a bar
and into a chair and into a table.

15. Annie[all]: Hey Lee Sin.
Lee sin[all]: wat
Annie[all]: Have you seen my bear tibbers?

16. “If you are having trouble with Zed, go to options.
Turn off shadows.”

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  • Abba

    Nice jokes!

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