Best World of Warcraft Yo Mama So Fat Jokes


After the post regarding World of Warcraft related jokes, I’ve been asked to write another post regarding Yo Mamma jokes. So here it is:

1. Yo mama  so fat, the first time she logged in the Cataclysm happened.

2. Yo mama so fat she has an AoE Death Grip called gravity.

3. Yo mama so fat her flight form is zepplin.

4. Yo mama so fat her Ice Block sank the Titanic.

5. Yo mama so fat when she logged in I finally got to see Orgrimmar at night.

6. Yo mama so fat when you try to fly around her you get a fatigue bar.

7. Yo mama so fat, she got the Explorer title the first time she logged in.

8.  Yo mama so fat, Even Bran Bronzebeard hasn’t explored her yet!

9. Yo mama so fat when she sat on the Black Temple it became the Sunken Temple.

10. Yo mama so fat that chain lightning hits her three times.

11. Yo mama so fat she tried to pop sprint and still ran at normal speed!

12. Yo mama so fat, that when she fell, she launched Deathwing through Deepholme and caused the cataclysm.

13.  Yo mama so fat they raised Thunder Bluff to keep her away from the hamburgers.

14. Yo mama  so fat, she queues for 5v5 arena alone.

15. Yo mama is so fat even Frostmourne wasnt that hungry.

16. Yo mama so fat, when you take her to ToC the entire raid skips straight to Anub’arak.

17.  Yo mama is so fat that Path of Frost doesn’t keep her above water!

18. Yo mama so fat even Ghostcrawler couldn’t nerf her.

19. Your mama is so fat vendors won’t sell her any mounts.

20. Yo mama is so fat she can’t fit in a bubble.

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  • Maorice

    Those are simply hilarious!!! Read the other article too, great wow jokes. Im rofling!!!

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