Destiny Crota Cheese Bug Is Fixed. Bungie Recommends Players to Plug the LAN Cables Back In

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Bad news for wannabe Destiny players! The exploit that allowed players to kill Crota by pulling out their LAN cable has been fixed, according to the Bungie‘s last hot fixes for Destiny. This weird bug could’ve been reproduced by simply pulling out the LAN cable and watching Crota enter a permanent state of paralysis giving the players the opportunity to smash his head off, pinching his green skin or just dance around him like headless chickens.

Players are not satisfied with the last hot fixes as tons of bugs are still crawling in the game, some of them being extremely annoying and affecting the gameplay while others are hilariously funny. There is a bug that takes away heavy ammo and another one that just straight-up cuts out your microphone when you leave the planet. What do you have to say about these ones, Bungie?




Moreover, Destiny players are suggesting Bungie to stop fixing exploits that they use to have fun more with, and also urge the developers to start fixing the things that makes the game less fun which are:

  • No matchmaking
  • No item trading
  • Audio not defaulting everyone to PUG team chat when they are randomly sorted into PUGs for strikes
  • Swiss cheese story
  • Backstory removed from the game and put back on the website instead
  • Irritating UI features that requires players to hit a button multiple times or hold a button before the game will actually do what players are telling to do
  • RNGesus

Food for thought

Which is your favorite Destiny bug and how did it help you throughout the game?

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