Do You Really Wanna Be In Alpha Warlords of Draenor?

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The first invitations for World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor were already given. If you received an invitation for alpha that means you are very lucky because let’s face it we all know Blizzard’s policy when it comes to alpha invitations. Those who receive the first invitations are people that own websites, public figures and so on; people who advertise the game through their play.

But what about the people who really want to help finding bugs and give feedback?

Well, I haven’t met such persons who have been invited to alpha. Such players hasten and improve the development of the game and I think this has a higher valence than advertising. I know there are players that are no streamers nor webmasters who were invited to play the alpha, but still they are pretty few. But in the end, this is what Blizzard wants. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Do you really wanna be in the alpha?

On the other hand I do not complain not playing the alpha. Why? Let me explain. It actually spoils that experience when everything is unknown and new. You know that overwhelming feeling when you just opened the game box and install it and you’re very excited, everything is new to you. From menus to options, from options to music, from music to talents. Everything is new and a new unexplored world lies before you. If I were to test an alpha game, the live game would not give me any more goosebumps while playing it. And that makes me comfortable.

What about you? Do you wish you were in alpha? Leave a reply in the comment section below!

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  • Mikkel

    Yes, i would love to be in Alpha.

    • Tynael

      Let’s hope you will get the invite in the next flush :).

  • Muntaser

    Yes I would like to try new things as I am quite bored of mists of pandaria

    • Tynael

      Talking about Pandaria, Siege of Orgrimmar reminds me of the long-term Icecrown Citadel. Do you think SoO will last as much as ICC had ?

  • Kulan102

    Wow! That gear is amazing. Yaya is also an amazing person and kind hearted.

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