DotA 2 Player Destroys Monitor After Killed by Techies

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The number of people who choose to play Techies in pub grow faster then the this year’s Compendium prize pool. Doesn’t matter if your DotA 2 runs with 15 FPS or you don’t know Techies abilities, you MUST take Techies before others do because you want to have a strategic and outplaying game in order to obtain victory as fast as possible.

How do you pick Techies when everyone else wants him? Insta-lock of course! You click lock-in like a desperate man who ran out of toilet paper and Techies will be yours! Seems hard? Let me help you. Instead of clicking like a desperate hyena you’d better put an auto-clicker to do the job. You can find a lot of these small software on the Internet, but shhh…. do not tell your best friend how you insta-locked Techies before the game loaded, otherwise he will want too.

In an ordinary game, like all starts now, someone insta-locked Techies before our protagonist, Ruskyboy1337. This thing pissed him badly because in his last 30 games HE was the one that insta-locked Techies, not some kind of non-sovietic 13 years old boy from France. So Ruskyboy1337 locked in the most beloved hero of vodka drinkers, Sniper, and as soon as the match began he started to curse the kid who insta-locked Techies in a language nobody understands.

In the midgame, not knowing that Techies planted some bombs near the Secret Shop, Ruskyboy1337 went happily to buy his first item. He never made it.

Some rumors say some tenants from Siberia have heard some “cyka blyat“s coming out from his bunker but when they entered his room, they found a bottle of Stalingrad vodka stuck in his monitor but our Ruskyboy1337 was never found.

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  • traxex

    OMG!!! This is bloody hilarious!!! =))))

  • yomam

    i can’t stop laughing :))

  • PoorGuy:(

    I pity the guy :(.

    • nope

      Nope, I pity that bottle of vodka. You say was Stalingrad?! Omg, that’s one of the best!!!

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