DotA 2 Player Gets Robbed While Streaming

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This footage has recently emerged on the internet and it shows a DotA 2 player being robbed in the middle of the match while streaming on

The victim is Nikki Elise who plays the game and streams footage under the online nickname Sajedene.

Here is a timeline of the event:

01:56 – Sajedene hears a knock
03:10 – Intruder breaks in, Sajedene runs to investigate.
03:32 – Suspected intruder steps into cam
07:20 – Intruder steps into cam again, seemingly looting.
and carrying Sajedene’s firearms
12:30 – Sajedene’s team-mates read the twitch chat and find out that a robbery is under progress.
15:50 – Intruder steps into cam once again, shutting down the lights amongst other things.
17:09 – Webcam gets disconnected
17:17 Stream ends, probably from computer getting disconnected.

Elise’s Twitch channel, which originally broadcast the footage, is now closed. A statement on the landing page reads: “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.” As of this writing her Twitter account has also remained inactive, with no tweets being sent that address the robbery.

Matthew Bailey of the eSports-focused website onGamers said on Twitter that Elise and a fellow Dota 2 streamer are “very shaken up but ok.”


TEMPE, Ariz. – One person is in custody while another suspect is on the loose after a strange home invasion near Priest and Elliot.

Police say people watching a video feed of a woman playing an online game called authorities to report seeing a home invasion taking place in the woman’s apartment.

Lt. Michael Pooley says a friend of the victim watching the video Monday morning saw two men with guns break down the woman’s apartment door.

One suspect came out of the apartment claiming to be a victim, but took off when police approached him.

He was put in handcuffs and taken into custody.

According to Pooley, authorities elsewhere also got calls from other people who were watching the video feed and who also saw the break-in. He says dispatchers are trying to pin down details of those calls.

The other suspect is still on the loose.

SWAT is on scene and police have cornered off an apartment where they believe the second suspect may be hiding.

The apartment complex is also on partial evacuation until the suspect is caught.

SUNSfan official statement:

Hello friends,

For those that don’t know, we had a little incident today. While
@Sajedene was live streaming, a couple robbers broke down our door
and held us at gun point. This was around 4AM local time, and
believe it or not, the loud crashing of the door wasn’t enough to
prompt ANY neighbors to call the police.

But like i said, my girlfriend was streaming at the time and while
they were holding us captive in our bedroom, a man with a gun
showed up on her camera. As a result of this, our friends from
around the world worked frantically to contact the police, which
ended up saving us a few hours later.

I might go into more detail about the whole thing as time goes on,
but as you might imagine we are pretty shaken up. All I know is
that we were not the intended target.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to the community for stepping up to
the plate when things got serious. We haven’t gotten a chance to
read up on what transpired from your side of things, but it has
become clear that @KuyaAce, @NeilFails, and @SpawnRulz literally saved our lives today. For that, I don’t think we can ever repay you. Also @Cyborgmatt and others helped in ways that helped lead to our
rescue. If I’m missing anyone, I apologize, but like i said, we
haven’t had a chance to catch up.

We’re in recovery mode right now. But we want to thank all the
people who have shown their support. It is truly amazing what the
internet is capable of, and the Dota 2 community in particular has
been amazing. Who would have thought that streaming could save
your life?

I was actually in the middle of editing the audio for our next
guide at the time, so that might be delayed a bit (lol)

Thanks again friends. We’ll be in touch soon.

PS: The DC Kittens (Monkey and King B) are both fine, much to our

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