Dungeon Finder Notification Ping Sound is Officially the Most Annoying Thing in World of Warcraft


With the implementing of the new Dungeon Finder system in Warlords of Draenor, a new way to screw up people’s calmness in a slowly but deadly manner has been introduced . No matter if you’re Horde or Alliance, if you’re PvE or PvP player, this has happened to you at least once and most likely while you were doing the daily quest for Apexis Crystals with a full group of other 39 people (God bless your soul) and the cruel Nature made you leader or assistant, giving you the right or misfortune to invite other people from queue to the group.

Every time a player enters the queue for your group, the Dungeon Finder spams every second one of the most annoying sounds ever created by the human mind.

If (God forbid) your group is full and there are still players in queue, the only chance of getting rid of the Notification Ping Sound of Doom (NPSD) is to mute your game or close it.

The only thing that may come to mind when the Notification Ping Sound of Doom pops out, is the voice of Stewie Griffin trying to lure his mother attention.

NPSD has earned the title as the most annoying thing in World of Warcraft in a poll held on the official forum of the game. Let’s see what players voted, shall we?

Question: Is the Dungeon Finder Notification Ping Sound the most annoying thing in World of Warcraft?

  • YES – 293 votes – I’d rather listen to Rebecca Black than being annoyed by this sh*t for every one second spent in group.

    Illuminati is watching us! Beware!

  • I like du(m)bstep – 101 votes – Skrillex would had made a great mix on this catchy sound.
  • Illuminati – 97 votes- Man, don’t let Illuminate take control over the world!
  • NO – 5 votes – Dude, I’m deaf!


Would you like to be implemented an option to mute the Notification Ping Sound of Doom?

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