Find Out Why Vanilla WoW Sucks

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Jallfo put down all his thoughts regarding his experience as a Vanilla World of Warcraft player and made a list with things that were backwards, mindfuck, awful or just annoying. Read the complete list below and tell us what you think. Is he right or wrong?


– Flight paths didn’t auto connect. You had to click on every fly point to get somewhere. This means if you were flying from Winterspring to Tanaris you would have to click the flight master at each stop. (the snow ball bug, however, was AMAZING)

– Only 16 debuffs on a boss at a time. This meant that you had to prioritize debuffs and / or not use abilities if they were going to debuff the boss. SORRY HUNTERS, NO POISON STING FOR YOU

– Only one version of a HoT on a tank at a time. 8 Priests in the raid? Cool – you can only put one renew on him. “A MORE POWERFUL SPELL IS ALREADY IN EFFECT”.

– In order to cast beneficial spells on a lower level player, you had to down rank it. So if you wanted to heal a friend at level 30 and a friend at level 50 and you were level 60 you would have to have 3 versions of each heal on your bars in order for them to work on every player.

– About 1/10th as many flight paths in total. There was only one in the barrens until they finally added one in Rachet / Camp Taurajo.

– Completing one quest sent you across 5 zones for no reason (no this wasn’t a good “feature”)

– You could only mail one item at a time

– You couldn’t right click items to go into a trade window

– Having to carry an Admiral’s hat for buffs

– Hour long Hearthstone cooldown

– 16 slot bags cost a fortune.

– Out of nowhere when you died in MC you would spawn 1000m up above wailing caverns. And have to somehow get back to the instance (or your raid would have to move back through BRD since locks couldn’t summon into an instance).

– No ready check in raids

– No Target Markers

– Respec cost today’s equivalent of about 1000g (and of course no dual spec)

– Fishing used to be a 30 second channel with no guaranteed catch

– No summoning stones at instances (tank leaves? go back to Orgrimmar and get a new one)

– When they finally did implement summoning stones, they were for matchmaking not summoning

– Theoretical Raid gating. For example you had to kill Onyxia about 20 times before you were legitimately able to attempt Blackwing Lair. You had to kill Lucifron for at least 3 weeks before having a legit attempt at Magmadar.

– Awful graveyard placement made corpse runs last forever

– Only Priests, Shamans and Paladins could resurrect

– Horde Onyxia key chain was seriously just awful.

– You could only get your race’s mount. No one elses. Sorry mount collectors. (this was obviously changed later)

– No “Instance Reset” button. You had to do this awkward thing where you would get in and out of the instance repeatedly until it reset.

– There was no such thing as “spellpower” until they fixed gear. So casters couldn’t increase damage or throughput – only mana pool size. Literally top end casters were only able to cast LONGER because intellect just made mana pools bigger. Intellect was not for more damage. Once they were geared to where they could cast indefinitely they sacrificed ALL gear to healers.

– In a raid you were in YOUR “party”. For example, Priests couldn’t PoH outside of their group, pretty much all buffs occurred inside of your one party…. totems, aoe heals, everything.

– 40 people in a raid – boss drops 3 items.

– Running an instance and doing quests for a group of 5 would take 5 runs since one quest item would drop per group

– Completing quests took items made by random professions (this sounds fun, but really we all know we wouldn’t want this today)…. just look up the deadly blunderbuss

– Only an hour to kill Vaelestraz during progression. Don’t kill him within an hour of attempts? Fuck you try next week your raid is over for this week.

– having to reset instances just to get more attempts on bosses (a feat in itself with 40 people). For example, you would have to leave the instance for an hour to get Nefarian to spawn again so you could fight him.

– Agility, Strength, Stamina weapon drops – who gets it?

– Strength leather (I believe strength actually gave bears attack power and decreased AP to cats)

– No linking items in trade chat

– No linking spells / abilities at ALL

– Spell ranks required you to go back to capitals every time you leveled to train new abilities

– Weapon skills had to be trained. If you were a Tauren warrior that found a sword, you couldn’t use it until you traveled all of the way to Undercity to train it.

– Mounts not allowed in any capital outside of Ironforge or Orgrimmar

– Auction purchases took 1 hour to get to you

– Resetting after a wipe literally took about 15 to 20 minutes. You could only rez one person at once, and only priests and shaman / paladins could resurrect. Each person had to be individually buffed with all of the class buffs, flasks, potions, admirals hats, individually handed a health stone, individually handed water… etc. just awful.



– Fury spec pretty much meaningless while leveling. Absolutely awful. Although, to be fair, 2h fury was actually a thing.

– At one point they had 1 more talent point than all of the other classes allowing them to go 31 / 21 for one glorious week. . This means they were able to run Mortal Strike a and Recklessness in one spec (not normally viable). It was incredible. Then they got the nerfbat. Hard. Suckers.

– Arms being useless until you got mortal strike.

– Dying all the time leveling due to low damage and no sustain ability

– No multi target threat generator, thunderclap wasn’t usable in prot, so you had to spam sunder armor on everything to get threat.



No pet talents.

– Had mana

– Only one pet at a time, had to go to stable to get others

– Had to level your pet. Took for fucking EVER.

– Pet would get pissed off at you without food

– Pet pathing in general was just horrible

– Quiver/Ammo

– Survival’s top tier talent (lacerate) hit for less than a level 40 warrior’s Rend

– Pigeonholed into Marksmanship (you think spec balancing is bad now… this was 100x worse)

– Gear had spell power/spirit on it



– Having to farm soul shards preraid. Once you were in the raid on progression fights you would run out of shards and have to exit the instance to farm more…. that is unless trash respawned.

– Having to make a health stone for everyone. One at a time.

– Can’t summon people INTO an instance. Have to run all of the way out to get them there

– To put it into perspective… it was considered a HUGE quality of life improvement when they were given soul shard bags.

– To get your infernal you had to farm it in LBRS and pray for the codex to drop.



– Arcane brilliance didn’t exist – so you had to buff each person individually

– Leveling required drinking water between every 2 – 3 pulls and you couldn’t create water that was relevant to your level. So the mage water ability actually created water lower level than you.

– Worst “rotation” ever (frostbolt x10000)

– Blinking through the world would often insta-kill you

– Portal reagents



– Balance was a joke, forget it if you even wanted to try. They didn’t have moonkin form, either.

– Pigeonholed into Healing (WINNERVATE)

– Cat spec was best for leveling, but still took forever

– Single shot buff for mark of the wild (until book of AOE buff was later implemented) so you had to click 40 different people to buff them… since you were likely the only druid in the raid.

– Leveling was basically reduced to being a glorified melee class.

– Couldn’t use any items / quest items while shape shifted.

– Can’t interact with ANYTHING while shape shifted

– No bear charge, no swipe



– Pigeonholed into healing

– If you WERE somehow able to play enhance – you had to level up weapon skills again every time – you respecced. This means every time you swapped from healing to damage you had to go out and mindlessly hit mobs while your weapon skill leveled back up again.

– Totems were just a mess all around and only affected your party



– Having to cast a seal before every judgment

– Blessings lasted 5 minutes so you were spending raid time actually being a buff master

– Pigeonholed into healing

– Healing Aura didn’t make it into live. from beta. Shame.

– Reagents for blessings (or was the burning crusade?)



– Poisons was acutally a profession that had to be leveled

– Long ass cooldown on stealth

– No sustain / healing made for a shit ton of down time

– Strength weapons were needed / used at times (Crusader enchant, too)

– They renamed it Felstriker. Fucking FELSTRIKER. How could they rename it.

– Sap could and often would be resisted resulting in a dead rogue



– RIP Mindsoothe

– Shadow was just awful. Mindflay was a talent at level 11 and before then you couldn’t really do much…. it essentially didn’t exist.


– No enchanting scrolls. This means enchanters couldn’t enchant their alt’s gear.



– For the 1st good 6 months or so there were no PvP rewards

– Battlegrounds used to force you to go to the entrance to join

– Had to play specific BGs for rewards (marks of honor…)

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  • Dan Tarkinson

    Still like Vanilla wow better then it is today. Much more challenging. Today, its way to easy, if you ask me. I liked that you had to do quests to get you Warlock mounts and stuff like that. Paladins didn’t make any since back then, but the game was more fun, in my opinion.

    • Tynael

      Hello, Dan!

      You do have a point and I agree with you. WoW changed it’s difficulty a little bit because expansions passing and they need to attract new people, which means people who have never played World of Warcraft and imagine what that particular new player feels when he joins WoW on Pandaria and he has to know loads of stuff to get his class mount or to simply join a Dungeon (assuming there is no Dungeon Finder). I think that’s why it has been retought a bit but still the complexity of the game is still high if you want to get all the content done.

      Also, thank you for coming by!

  • Marcus Nilsson

    Most of this is fully correct up to 99%. But even through those days were so annoying and much work to do it were still great, it was what made the game fun, you did explore the world while questing compared to today when you get to an area, you spend there approximately max 1 hour before entering a new one because you outlevel it.

    • / Tynael

      Some game mechanics have indeed changed a lot, but in the end the game has to move forward.

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