First Day Warlords of Draenor Experience in a Nutshell


It’s been only a few hours since the launch of Warlords of Draenor and the impact it’s best seen as you try connecting to server. As we’re already used to, even in Draenor history repeats itself…literally.

Thousands of players are waiting in endless queues while others are fighting the latency valiantly trying to mount up or cast a spell. Hellscream told us once that times change, well..not exactly. Every start of expansion has met chaos in terms of proper functioning of the servers.

The sad truth bout Khadgar right now!

The world of Draenor is currently a world of bugs and anomalies and one can feel that on his own skin when a player is running on the fields of battle with his pants chasing him; gryphons stuck by invisible walls above players heads and friendly NPCs attacking random players. There are just a few examples and I talked to a few players and asked them how was their first hours playing Warlords of Draenor.

Let’s find out Lucy Green‘s first impression:

“Oh, it was fun, sort of. If you start laughing when a bunch of people flying around using flight paths suddenly get stuck up in the air with no such thing as a controllable character, then yes, it was fun! But let’s take things slowly.

When I first logged in I was in Shrine of the Seven Stars and everything was quiet with no players around me,  I kinda felt like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead waking up in a post-apocalyptic hospital but I kept my temper and I accepted the quest and flew to Blasted Lands afterwards. After I’ve completed the start-up quests and as soon as I got to Shadowmoon Valley things were getting from bad to worse: environment was loading pretty hard and I could only see a quest item or a NPC from 10 yards away; I was unable to mount up for about 10 minutes while my character’s animation was in infinite loop; the General chat was in a constant state of anxiety blaming Vladimir Putin for the bad state of the servers and so on.

Is this real life?

Another thing that amused me in a strange kind of way was when the whole General chat began to write that they did not attend their job today just because they want to play WoD the whole day and reach level 100 before their friends do.  And then, in my mind was a grim scenario with people in need of urgent surgery but couldn’t because the doctors were in Draenor leveling their characters, buildings on fire while firemen upgrading their garrisons; mothers whose children cry for hunger and so on… Hmmyeah… And! And! If you’re an achievement whore, like I am, your currently greatest achievement on Draenor is to have a quest done! GG WP!

I don’t know what to say further because the server went down and I couldn’t log in anymore. This was my first WoD experience!” – Loucee-Ahn’Quiraj

How was your first Warlords of Draenor experience? Share your thoughts on the comment section below or on Facebook! Don’t forget to check out the Image Gallery for some hilarious first screenshots of Draenor!

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