HILARIOUS VIDEO! Player Struggles to Surpass Acrobatic Section of Blackfathom Deeps


This footage of World of Warcraft within the Blackfathom Deeps shows a group of 5 players experiencing the wonders and the harsh terrain of the dungeon. Nothing unusual so far but one of the players is very special in some kind of way. The song “In the End” by Linkin Park fits like a glove as the player attempts to overcome maybe the most difficult task he ever encountered at that point in Azeroth. Check out the video and let them tears of laugh flow like Niagara Fall:

The young Orc struggles to surpass the acrobatic section of Blackfathom Deeps and somehow manages to fall into the water no more than 6 times! In the background are the other players who managed to surpass the obstacles, rolling on the floor as the poor Agssd struggles with life’s difficulties.

The culminating moment is when he successful passes the first rocks but fails valiantly on the last jump, falling back into water and immediately quitting the dungeon.

The game has several areas that tests player’s ability to jump over the obstacles thus involving them toward a better handling of the character they play which is useful in raids in order to avoid incoming damage as better as possible and to defeat the enemies on the battlefields. If you want a modern challenge in terms of jumping, I suggest you to try getting the Foreman’s Lunchbox in Talador. Here is a video on how to reach the lunchbox. You’re welcome!

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  • Gregory

    Best player EU. I wonder if he was free to play because that can explain something. Luckly, Blizzard added some ropes to help players who failed to jump and got into the water.

  • Apostolescu Alex

    Dohh… He’s a looser. I think that he plays without keyboard, because he don’t fuc*ing jump the obstacles… The best match is between music and his clumsy gameplay :)))

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