How To Make 10.000+ GOLD Each Week WoD 6.2


Many of you have felt discouraged when the Garrison gold method has been nerfed a while ago. Some of you started looking for new methods of earning gold, and the others quit or are still looking for a good way to start the cash flowing again.

Fortunately, the new 6.2 patch has brought with it new ways of earning gold.

Before the 6.2 patch went live, I wrote a guide on how to prepare to make gold in patch 6.2, anticipating how things will develop in terms of gold making.

Today I’m going to show you how to become the Mr. money in the bank once again. Let’s get started!

Start making gold

Supreme Lord Kazzak is the new World Boss added in patch 6.2 and located in the Tanaan Jungle.

Now the way this is gonna work is whenever you kill Lord Kazzak, if you didn’t know he has a chance of dropping 705ilvl items and also on top of that he has a guaranteed chance to drop Felblight whenever you kill him on each one of your characters for the first time in the week.

His respawn timer is roughly 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about spending precious time waiting for him to respawn.

Felblight is used for the new crafting recipes and each Felblight is selling at the Auction House for around 250g to 400g per piece, depending on your realm’s economy.

For starters, let’s do the math. Let’s say the price of one Felblight is 250g at the Auction House and you have 13x Felblight in your bag – that’s 3250g per character per week.

If you sell them for 400g that’s an awesome amount of 5200g!

Maybe now you’re asking yourself – Do I get Felblight each time I kill Kazzak?!

The answer is yes! Although, chances are you don’t always get to receive 13x Felblight, but you will always get some.

For instance, if you’re lucky (or unlucky) to receive a 705ilvl item, chances are that you will get to have only 4-6x Felblight – that’s still around 1.5k-4k gold per character per week.

Tip: Whenever you’re going to kill Supreme Lord Kazzak make sure you have 1x Seal of Inevitable Fate in your pockets because you will have the chance of getting an extra 705ilvl item or some gold if you do the bonus roll.

Seal of Inevitable Fate is the new Tier 18 bonus roll curency in Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire”.

The more the better

The average casual World of Warcraft player has around 3 alts at maximum level. Many of you probably have even more alts which means you can earn even more by farming Kazzak every week – the more the better.

Make sure your alts are level 100 before killing Kazzak or you won’t get any loot.

Win-Win situation

In addition, there is another great reason if you’re farming Kazzak every week and your alts are undergeared because they can be easily geared with 705ilvls.

There are only 4 types of items you can get from Kazzak, depending on your class and spec:

The Trinket might not help you that much due to its stats, but that will do if you have a low ilvl one.


Farming Supreme Lord Kazzak every week on each of your characters is an easy and fast way of earning a good amount of gold and gearing up your alts.


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