How to Prepare to Make WoW Gold in Patch 6.2



This guide will lead you through some methods of gold making in the upcoming 6.2 patch of World of Warcraft. I’m pretty sure that at this moment the best and easiest way to earn loads of gold is through Garrison’s missions, professions materials and Savage Blood. For me, the most profitable way of earning gold was by selling Savage Blood, which could be obtained through the Garrison Barn or bought with Primal Spirits from <Primal Trader>s such as Ashley Zerep and “Appraiser” Sazsel Stickyfingers.

Unfortunately, this method will become obsolete due to the upcoming changes that will occur with the release of Patch 6.2 and by this I mean that Savage Blood will lose its value against Felblight, which will be the new crafting reagent that’s gonna be added in the 6.2 patch. Felblight used to be called Felblood and because of its name, many people thought that it will be obtained from the Garrison’s Barn just like Savage Blood. This was not just a simple misinterpretation but an actual fact because Felblood’s tooltip shown that it will also be obtained from the Barn.

Fortunately, things are now clearer and it is known how Felblight will be earned in the future patch.


The new crafting reagent will only gonna be available as a secondary reward from your gathering professions which are: Skinning, Mining, Herbalism and also Fishing, representing an important point. These are some game-changing updates, because with the implementation of Garrison, players were able to procure the necessary crafting reagents from their own mines and herb posts, which also changed the game economy and many players dropped out these professions in favor of others.

Let’s get to work now!

Earn gold with Felblight

Earning gold with Felblight is pretty straightforward. If you want to earn a good amount of money, as soon as the patch 6.2 comes out, you’ll probably want to look at getting at least 1 or two character(s) with gathering professions to have them wandering around and pick all those mines and herbs. Some of you might hate going around and around farming mines and herbs here and there. I know that sometimes might be boring but I assure you it will earn you a lot of money because Felblight will be relatively rare, expensive and required for crafting high-ilvl gear like the Stage 5-6 which is gonna be taking your items from 670ilvl to something like 720ilvl, and epic gems such as Immaculate Versatility Taladite.

If you want to make some good money, obviously the demand is gonna be extremely high as soon as patch goes live, make sure you are ready to take advantage of that.


The drop rate from fishing might be actually a bit lower than the main professions, but it will still be a good source of getting Felblight, especially if you enjoy spending your spare time on the banks of a river sipping a beer.

But there is a problem. This will encourage bots to farm even more, now that they can actually earn money from something other  than clams and pearls, and this will have a major impact upon the economy. However, do not get disappointed by this and try your luck once the patch drops. You can never know unless you tried!

That was about it, hope you found it helpful and don’t hesitate to check out the other articles on Hallowed Gaming, you might find them interesting.

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  • Kulan102

    Good and comprehensive guide! Will try my luch once the patch goes live. Thanks for the tips!

    • / Tynael

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    Great tips, Tynael! Keep up the good work! :3

    • Tynael

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