Impressive Letter Shows Why Blizzard Screw WoD Launch


Jeffafa opened an impressive thread on the US forums  rationally explaining why Blizzard screw up the Warlords of Draenor launch and how they could’ve managed to improve the performance undoubtedly. Shortly after, the thread was closed but I managed to save it and share it with you:


Good Evening Blizzard,

Instead of raging to you like an uneducated buffoon who doesn’t know the first thing about Business Administration or Game Design I come to you as a player who has a degree in Game Design, an MBA, a GAAP practiced Accountant, and a shareholder to Blizzard Entertainment.

If you would like an educated and rational reason to why Blizzard’s new expansion release is unacceptable then I ask you to read on.

After spending some time reviewing the majority of unhappy posts from fellow subscribers and your CS responses, it would seem that the simple answer to why this new Expansion failed to launch effectively was due to two reasons:

1. You failed to adequately prepare for the easily foreseeable and calculative influx of players.


2. Our money, invested into you, a company many of us have been gladly apart of for years, has been ill used.

Why is it that we pay the same subscription fee and upgrade fee when you as a company haven’t released a sizable extension to the game in forever? In WoD, we get models, a new zone, and some new code? Any college undergraduate could have created the new models for a midterm assignment (I know this because I myself in college, modeled, rigged, animated, and mapped characters in numerous softwares first hand and I tell you everyone, it ain’t that hard.) Sure it takes some time, but it took you guys months? Who is the lead of your character development?

I did a bit of digging into your annual and quarterly reports (all this information is available to anyone guys, they are a Public Company and are required to disclose all financial information). In your “2012 Annual Report” you filed a Total Assest worth of $14.2 Billion dollars, your highest Total Asset worth since 2008. In your 2014 Quarter 3 Report you filed a Total Assest worth of 13.8 Billion dollars!

This means everyone that Blizzard had, 15 days ago, Assests worth $13.8 Billion Dollars. You are making excuses for server issues and literally “LIMITING THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT CAN PLAY”. Why is it, that you couldn’t invest some of that $13.8 Billion into something more useful like, I don’t know, stronger servers! Why can’t you strengthen you technical teams and upgrade you ancient decade old system? Instead of spreading your resources thin on all these dumb new games how about you take the time to update your software to allow the modern world to connect with ease. Yes you have a lot of players, we get that. But you’re a leader in the Online Gaming industry and a company such as yourself shouldn’t have problems like. Why, just why, didn’t you guys prepare? It isn’t that hard! I fear you as a company no longer stand by your mission and instead aim to profit at minimum effort.

This gets better too! Those Total Assets, 15 days ago, didn’t include the shares Blizzard is trading everyday. Yes Blizz, I receive your shareholder report data as well. As of this evening on NASDAQ, at Market close, Blizzards stock closed at $20.33 share. Now take that $20.33 and multiply it by their total shares, yeah there’s 719,030,000 of them. So get your calculator and do the math. That comes to $14,617,879,900. Yes that’s a $14.6 Billion. So go ahead and add that to the previous Total Asset total.

Unacceptable Blizzard. I hope this experience perpetuates you as a company to fall back on your roots and remember the community of dedicated players you reach. I purchase my WoD edition, I payed my subscription, and so did everyone else. What excuse do you have to unmistakably restrict me and others to play? What reason could you possibly have with 10 years of MMO providing experience to let so many of us down on such an important time for World of Warcraft? Please, reevaluate yourselves.

Thank You.

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  • Josh K

    modelled,Mapped,Rigged, skinned, animated and im assuming textured a character in college up to a blizzard standard and it was easy? LOL, this guy, any spastic can open max and model a character, throw a skeleton on it, flap its joints around and call it finished.

    It takes time to design, create, and use a good looking character.

    Sure they could probably pump it out fast but it wouldn’t be to the quality they are now.

    • Tynael

      Hello, Josh! Creating a model from scratches it’s surely hard work. He was just furious on them xD! Thanks for passing by!

  • Brian

    This guy may know game design and business but obviously understands jack shit about IT AND NETWORKING they have now suffered 2 DDoS attacks in 2 days and because of this blizzard decided to limit players to try to improve the latency so that atleast some people could enjoy the expansion… as soon as this attack kn blizzard is resolved im sure blizzard will apologize with gametime and be up and running smoothly

    • Tynael

      Hello, Brian! I think one of the DDoS attacks had natural causes which means massive shitload of players connected in a short amount of time which causes server malfunctions and the other one it might be an intentional attack. We don’t have much information about it and please be noted that Hallowed Gaming is a satirical website! Thanks for passing by!

  • David

    I feel the nee content is well worth the title “Expansion”. Now the 5hr ques and server limitations are all temporary to deal with DDoS attacks and a massive community increase. Double the size of the MoP release. I can tell alot of work was put into this, one of my favorite expansions so far. If I was a Blizzard game devolper reading this, I would be pissed at the ungratefullness. We have been paying around 15$ a month since vanilla. Currently there is more then tripple the amount of content there was in vanilla and we still pay 15$ a month! And as they are working with expansions to Diablo and Starcraft, release of Heros of the Storm and devolpment of recently announced FPS I think Blizz is doing a decent job and just needs a few days to get back up on their feet. This expansion landed a critical hit they did not prepare for but are working day and night to suit YOUR needs. Be a bit more grateful. Oh… And I took animation also. Yes its easy to make an HD model. But making a game to run these models with millions of players world wide and a system complex enough to sustain it and not forcing every player to build a 1500$ desktop to even attempt to run this game smoothly. I think they are doing a decent job.

  • Luneder

    I have a bit of working knowledge of this stuff as well and am educated as well in the industry.

    First off for the character design they probably have around 20 senior character designers and 10 jr designers under each of those heads plus 3-5 interns. now even with that at best they would produce 2-3 game ready stock models, and it will take 2-3 more weeks to rig in each customizable facial and texture model into that stock model and animate them to react to the body. After that there is more complex character and creature models some with 2-4 variants that will take 4-5 weeks to create per team. It probably took most of a year and a half just to have all the models ready for bug testing.

    The money problem, sure they have money coming in but throwing money at the problem won’t fix a damn thing, it comes down to finding qualified people, partnering up with tech groups to custom make equipment, and then testing everything thing out. At the fastest it would take a year or two which would leave them still one or two generations behind on technology, and they have been upgrading constantly since at the beginning of vanilla the most one server could hold is 1/100 of what they currently hold.

    The issue with internet and servers is only 1/10 there fault, part of it is attacks, part of it is that much of the west side of the US is using phone lines for internet that is from the 70s, 1 million people connecting to their servers in CA is amazing let alone the 9 million or so world wide.

    I actually expected something like this to happen at the launch because the population of wow players suddenly went from 6-7 million to 9+ million practically over night. Also every expansion has this same problem though I will say to me this went pretty good other than that DDoS attack near the start that cause a huge influx of people stuck waiting quadrupled the normal problems that comes with any launch.

    • Konnan

      Hey, Luneder! I agree with you mate!

  • http://no Uranu5

    Wow… and I am not talking about World of Warcraft… I am speaking on my astonishment on how idiotic a, clearly, smart person can be.

    With knowledge on computers for both hardware and software you expect Blizzard to have no limitations to their devices. Let’s error on bad judgment for a moment and and state that there were no DDOS attacks, Blizzard is hogging all their cash cow dollars and thus doing less work, and the servers were limited because they wanted to be jerks and take the easy way out…

    … What is stopping you from making your own franchise and giving everyone the gaming experience they deserve for 15 a month?

    • Konnan

      Hahaha, you’re right, dude!

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