Kolento Hits Top 1 With Troll Deck


              Everybody is used with Kolento inventing magical decks like Miracle Rogue. Well, this time the top player created a deck that it’s more or less a troll deck and he seems to be having a very good time with it.

              He created the Fatigue Mage. At first sight you would say that he’s trying to troll which is not his best ability because of his cold gameplay and his serious face. This season, Kolento was the first one to hit Legend 1 while playing this deck from Rank 2.

The idea of this deck is to destroy or steal the enemy minions and to defend your own hero by duplicating cards like Big Game Hunter, Explosive Sheep, Sludge BelcherMind Control Tech or even Alexstraza. The other players think this is a troll deck because they can’t use any minions and in the very end they go out of cards and fatigue kills them. Kolento played this deck so good that he could even use it in the next tournaments. This deck would have enormous succes against decks like Control Warrior and Ramp Druid but it will be destroyed by Miracle Rogue and other rush decks that don’t require a lot of minions to be played.

Finally, we can say that a troll managed not only to annoy other players but win most of the games. Good job, Kolento, on getting Top 1. Keep on trollin’ !



Here you can find the deck:

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