Last Ever Darkmoon Faire?


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Today morning I was playing on my twink character and I was doing the quests from Darkmoon Faire when suddenly I checked the calendar for future events and I suddenly got crippled. I could not believe it. Darkmoon Faire isn’t scheduled after this month or any other months after this.

Could this be end of the Darkmoon Faire?

I don’t know exactly but what I know is that Blizzard announced that they will change a couple of Events and hey… Warlords of Draenor is on the way.

Why Darkmoon Faire is not scheduled anymore?

Every time when a new World of Warcraft expansion is coming out and there are just a few months left, major changes are also incoming. Remember the Mists of Pandaria pre-update back in the final patch of Cataclysm when the talents and other major things changed?

I think this situation is the same, in the nearest future there will be a pre-patch which paves the way for Warlords of Draenor and Darkmoon Faire will be its “victim”.

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Blizzard haven’t announced yet if Darkmoon Faire will suffer major changes when the WoD comes out and all we have to do now is waiting for an official blue post.

UPDATE: Darkmoon Faire is undergoing a major revamp!

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  • Ryssuka

    That’s too bad! I really like Darkmoon Faire…

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