League of Legends Patches Messing Player’s Patience

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Have you tried to upgrade League of Legends? No? Ok, do not try. Just go outside, get drunk, meet some girls or eventually play Dota 2 or any other game and uninstall the League.

I’ve been encountering several problems with the game-upgrade since the pre-season or since the new interface of the game, I cannot recall exactly. Like every „normal” gamer, I searched all over the internet for a way to resolve the problem and I made the upgrades in different and hard ways.

Normally speaking it was not that hard, but rather annoying since I expect Riot Games to do things smooth. First, I had to install two programs (and after this I had to uninstall them) and after three hours I managed to play. Second, I had to leave the game being with my notebook open while I was afk. Third time, (last patch) it was ok, but now it’s the fourth time and seems like after all of those weeks Rito finally found out that they got several damn problems with this new platform.

At this moment of writing, I just heard the magical sound, the sound that tells you the upgrade has been finished. I might be tempted to start playing and to continue this text later, but no, I will resist!

Rito, listen to me, your game might be a free one, but a lot of players gave you money (including me) for stuffs like skins, boosts, champions and other stuffs. Those money are your well-earned reward for your game, but ALSO some of those money are meant to be invested in the League of Legends technical part.

I do appreciate that they now put a note telling us that they KNOW about our problem and we should close the client and re-open it, but it’s not fair enough. I did that, and judging of my talk-shows, I’ve been waiting from 09.57 pm since 11.07 pm, a little more than one hour. It’s not that much like the other times, but still not fair. In the meanwhile, they upgraded their note (!) telling us to not close the client a second time so it will just finish to scan it’s files and finish the upgrade.

It’s nice to show us that you care, Rito, but your PR solution is so low for such a high-played game. I’m not an „elitist” guy or the „omfg I demand my rights nao”, but since players world-wide encountered this thing, I think you should do more and you can do more.

Even though I finished the upgrade, I will go and I will play DotA 2. I recently tried out this game (the origin of the moba-style games) because of a friend and I enjoy it. Perhaps, soon I will enjoy it more than Rito’s League of Legends.

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  • HEy BOwss

    I suggest you put some cream on that ButtHurt before you develop a dota 2 rash on it …..

    • Mortimer

      I’d rather have DotA 2 rash than to be a League of Legends fanboy.

    • Mircea Anghel

      Beg my pardon, sir, but I do appreciate the democracy and free market principles. In short: when we got rivality between two products, there should be a competitive race between them, but rito seems to be blind and deaf about that. – mc9407

      • Mortimer

        Gaben is doing a way better job than LoL’s pussies. GO GO GO GABE! Also, IceFrog as nickname is cooler than Riot_Lameass nicknames. Salz!

  • Mortimer

    DotA 2 is way better than League of Leagends anyway.

  • Eustache

    Why all lol players get so butthurt about dota2? You forgot who your father is @HEy BOwss?

  • Ashe

    Dota 2 beats LoL

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