New Eligibility Criteria for WoW’s 10th Anniversary New Wave Gift

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Great news for players who didn’t qualify for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary gift. It is said that this time Blizzard will reward more WoW veterans by giving them an even more representative gift.

While many are still waiting for the first gift to be shipped, some are skeptical on hearing the fresh news. The first 10th anniversary gift criteria that were announced a week ago were harsh commented by loyal players here and there. Unfortunately, the Orc Wolf Rider statue is no longer available but Blizzard employees ensure us that the new gift will be mind-blowing.

Known for listening to feedback and fulfilling customers’ wishes, Blizzard set up new criteria for the next waves of gifts: “All subscribers who purchased at least a World of Warcraft in-game mount from the Shop are eligible to participate in the next wave of gifts. And to answer the question that we think you might want to ask: it doesn’t matter what the next gift is or how it would look like as long as there is a World of Warcraft and Blizzard text engraved on it.”

Blizzard’s reply appears after finding out some of the Orc Wolf Rider statues at a very high price on eBay. The statues has start prices ranging from $700-$900 and buyouts of up to $1500, despite the fact that the making of the Orc Wolf Rider statues cost Blizzard only $150/unit.

Is this statue worth the effort and money considering that it doesn’t look like much comparing to the $1500 spent on 10 years of subscribing? They could’ve at least painted it, or the simple fact that is gifted by Blizzard and has World of Warcraft engraved on it makes it so valuable? It depends on each person.

WTB [Blacksmithing] pay $150-$200 for well-made and fully painted Alliance statue.

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