New LoL Champion Joins Summoner’s Rift OP as Hell


Have you heard about Bard? No? Well, let me tell you a story.  A story about game developers who nearly sworn that they are looking for new ways to balance their game, but eventually fail with every single patch or champion introduced.

But let’s come back to Bard. We will get a new champion with stun/slow, heal and speed, shortcuts through the map and Zhonya ability-like included after level 6.

Wow, is that a mixed Teemo-Soraka-Rek’Sai champion ?! More than that, his ultimate can be used on enemies, enemy turrets and … even the Dragon! His “E” ability is similar to Rek’sai’s tunnels. Only, this time it can be used by anyone, including the enemy team too. So what’s the point? Are we going to mine the entire map or what?! Huh?!

It is clear that the champions need some massive rework since a lot of them are getting boring due to their usual mechanics, but Rito, you got SO MANY launched champions already that could be reworked (Viktor and Sion are good examples) and you still craft new and tedious champions?! I could expect at least some difficulty about that such as Thresh, Elise, Lee Sin or Draven, but mnah, let’s make him OP until the next patch, so that anyone will buy him and afterwards they will not play him anymore.

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  • Ashe

    The trolleemo is imba! I cant stop laughing

    • Jubil

      me neither :))

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