New Summoners Rift Wll Not Decrease FPS. Find Out Why!


I think everyone heard about the new Summoners Rift., if not check this video out and we’ll continue after you’ve done watching it:

Yep, we all liked it and it’s an awesome improvement to League of Legends. But I bet you asked yourself and murmured a bit about lower FPS. EVERYBODY for the past 2 days have been wondering about how this new update will affect their game experience.

Well, let me tell you that Riot is trying to IMPROVE the game play focusing on what’s more important: mechanics, design and performance. Yes, they are trying to increase or at least maintain your FPS with this new update.

Let me show you how:

In the left picture you can see the actual polygons of Summoners Rift terrain and in the right picture it’s the new terrain with less polygons. Let’s do the math: less polygons= more frames per second. So, the new Summoners Rift map will NOT decrease your FPS at all.

League of Legends will look more like DotA 2

I noticed that players around the internet say that new Summoners Rift will look like DotA 2. Well, considering that two of the main developers of League of Legends worked primarly on DotA from Warcraft 3, it’s no wonder why they chose to do this design change.

Moreover, as I said above, the new Summoners Rift will focus more on the characters in the game than the environment. Team fights. Team fights will be clearer less affected by the terrain particles and this is a major contribution considering that at the moment if you enter a 5v5 team fight you don’t even know where your champion is.

I hope I answered some questions and if not, I apologize. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Do you like these changes? Do you like the new Summoners Rift?

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  • Ekjgdfdf

    Pls dont do this ;// i want still play it

  • Aldie

    one question: When will this update be in the game?

    • Tynael

      Hello, Aldie! Thanks for asking this question.
      It will be soon available for Beta and after it leaves the Beta stage it will be live.

  • bk

    BS its chopping fps left and right on many many people.

    • Tynael

      Hello! Thanks for passing by! This issue may occur due to several reasons: video card, bad connectivity and the fact that the Summoner’s Rift optimization is not fully completed. As a first step, you can try checking if your video card is up to date and make sure you uninstall Pando Media Booster because this software is outdated and it consumes a lot of CPU resources. Have a great day and hope your issue will be solved as soon as possible!

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