Nigerian Prince Claims to Give Away Free RP


Legend says there is a wandering Arabic knight in shining armor that gives free RP (Riot Points) to League of Legends players. The sages say, the Arabic knight is no other but the Prince of Nigeria himself, who contacts players within the client, opening the conversation with a stylish and heartwarming السلام عليكم (As-salamu alaykum).

Players who answer his greetings are nothing more but lucky people! Why? Because the so-called Prince of Nigeria is giving away for free a huge amount of RP to those who open the link he’s sending in chat. Then, the link forwards the players to a League of Legends website where they need to insert their LoL account’s username and password in the required fields. Nothing more!

These are all the steps one must go through in order to get a lot of free RP.

Congratulations! You’ve been scammed and your account has now been stolen!

Remember, if you get a random strange link from a person and it takes you to a log in page, DON’T log in, because you are compromising your account. Let’s be real, who gives away RP for free to random strangers? Also, don’t ever download software that states it’ll give you RP, IP, skins, champions, items for free. Not only it will give you nothing for free, but you will infect your computer with malwares.

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  • Ashe

    Good guy prince of persia.

    • jester

      climbing walls and shit.

      • kayru

        hack ‘n slashing everything

  • jester

    well i guess that’s how people make money on the internet. by scamming others, and in league of legends there are plenty of kids to scam.

    • kayru

      ofc, sometimes you can make shitload of money and sometimes you get to be thrown in jail.

  • kayru

    my mother told me not to talk to strangers.

    • Mine told me not to shoot strangers *cough* Iron Maiden *cough*

  • dodgemaster

    i also got a that kind of strange link when i was in-game and it was shortened by or something like that. i didnt click on it, it was sure somekind of bait to steal my account or insert somekind of malicious software into my computer. dodged it like a baws!

    • I think everyone has been spammed with links like that. Even if you don’t play League of Legends you still get to be spammed with useless and cheap tricks right into your e-mail inbox.

  • Mircea Anghel


    • Mahatma

      Rito pls

  • Mahatma

    The Prince is a CIA agent. He wants to grt into your pc

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