Night Elf Run Animation Will Be Changed In Future Patch

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Xarishflar, answering to some questions from players on the Italian Blizzard forum, anticipated that the art team is working on an update which will change the run animation of the male Night Elf.

Xarishflar Night Elf Run Animation“I received more information about and you will be happy to know that our artists are already working on an update of the Night Elf male run animation.”roughly translated with Google Translator

These news comes shortly after the new character models were introduced into the game just before the launch of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. While most players enjoyed their new characters look, others suffered in silence. The lamentation of Night Elf and Blood Elf players could be heard throughout Azeroth and beyond the Dark Portal. The reasons were simple.

The Blood Elf characters didn’t get any model updates at all, keeping the same obsolete colors. On the other side, Night Elf players seemed happy when they first saw their favorite character in the characters list but once they pushed the “W” button to run/walk, the whole sky fell over them…

“I thought everyone was just exaggerating at how bad it was but then one day I randomly logged onto an old male Night Elf, not even thinking about the run animation, and as soon as I started moving I was like “what the f********ck is that.” Man it looks really goofy.” – said smartazjb0y

“Do I look like I want to be skipping around Stormwind?” – said Borlarish on the actual Night Elf run animation

“I’m getting pretty good at walking backwards.” – said Arti on the same topic

It’s not the first bad move of Blizzard regarding the characters appearance or animation. Qiana Moonshadow’s boobs have been drastically nerfed. Qiana is the first follower that can be hired for the Alliance Garrison and this character can be an easter-egg resembling the very first Night Elf who appeared in the very first World of Warcraft cinematic trailer. Perhaps Blizzard have made a plastic surgery for breast reduction to help her move easier in combat.

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  • Gregory

    Finally! For God’s sake Night Elves must be swift and silent not bouncy like rabbits on an open field. Hope the new animation of the male Night Elf will fix this hilarious fiasco.

    • Hello, Gregory! I’m glad we share the same opinion!

  • Ashe

    It looks so much better now!

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