Players Claim They Won an Ashran Battleground


Ashran is a large-scale world PvP zone which combines hectic 200-strong PvP combat with strategic elements such as capturable bases and recruitable NPCs, and PvE elements involving gathering resources from mobs, slaying enemy captains and fighting massive raid boss-style faction guardians and generals. Unlike battlegrounds and or PvP zones, Ashran has no time limit or ultimate conclusion, and no singular objective or way to permanently “win” the battle. -according to

Even though there is no singular objective or way to permanently win the battleground, some players claim they uniquely did win the first Ashran battleground in the history of World of Warcraft.

They are called <The Legion> from Sylvanas realm and the guild consists of 300 hardcore PvP players. Led by their fearless guild master, Sadinoel, <The Legion> achieved the most prestigious PvP titles and now comes forth claiming an astonishing success.

Their plan was simple but fastidious to achieve: “kill everything that comes in front of us and farm them at graveyard!” – said Sadinoel

“Our team consists mostly of Windwalker Monks, Feral/Moonkin Druids and Frost Deathknights and as we joined the battle the Horde was rapidly advancing to our base. We couldn’t save those who were already joined but once we got to retaliate they couldn’t stand a chance. We slaughtered every cow, drowned every orc in Mannoroth’s corrupted blood and splashed holy water on each undead. The fight was harsh but we managed to kill them fast enough and then we did what we know best: farm them at their graveyard as we do in every battleground. Hordes quickly began to leave the battleground as we slaughter every each of them who spawned next to the grave and after 10 minutes it reached a point when there were no Hordes players in the entire battleground anymore. We waited several minutes hoping for Horde to send more foes to kill but it didn’t happen because we got a window pop-up announcing that we won the Ashran battleground. GG WP” – said Sadinoel

It’s kind of hard to prove that the Ashran battleground can be permanently won but there is no doubt that what Sadinoel said to be untrue. The cake is not a lie! Now we just have to wait and see that Blizzard has to tell about this topic.

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