Police Investigates CS:GO Weapon Trades


Thousands of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items are traded every day, especially assault weapons and knives among which some of them cost thousands of dollars. Trading assault weapons is dangerous, even if it’s just a computer game like CS:GO.

Some say there is no difference between real life weapon dealers and virtual weapon dealers, such as Counter-Strike players. This deviant behavior encourage players to adopt illegal and terrorist posture.

Even if the kids are having fun and get some pocket cash from CS:GO weapon trading, the police is not of the same opinion.

We already seen a troubling deviant and aggressive behavior of children playing Counter-Strike and the fact that they can trade weapons for money had the authorities to start an investigation. Police worries that real arms dealers can use this game to trade real weapons which put players in danger without realizing it. From now on we will investigate every weapon trade. said  Lieutenant Augustus Marks from Florida Police Department.

For the moment, from what we know, there are no reported problems regarding this investigation.

Similar actions have been initiated against one of the DotA 2 heroes, but the authorities did not make any decisions yet. These actions are taken to prevent terrorism because it’s said that many possible terrorists are using virtual games to train and deliver important data for a possible attack.

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