Pro Girl CS:GO Player Reaveals the Secret to Being a Professional CS:GO player

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  • Noah

    Mikaela, will you marry me <3?

  • jumboland

    what kind of mouse do you use? 18 buttons? wtf!!!

  • lolozaurus Rex

    i’m laughing my ass out i can’t even breathe!!!

  • nicepic

    i really like the top image. that chick with the weapon in her hands is really hooooot!

  • paulano

    i ‘m waiting her to start the twitch channel. haha

  • Keanu

    “Get geared, not killed” LOLOLOLOLOLOLO ROFL!!!!!!

  • Lol

    “Pro” gamer girl, “3 World championships”, “glorious and godlike zoomless shot.” You’re full of shit just like your self-proclaimed titles, I haven’t seen you win anything or play in anything of importance.

    • Tynael

      Hello! This article is a satire and should be treated as such! Thanks for stopping by!

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