Pro Girl CS:GO Player Reaveals the Secret to Being a Professional CS:GO player

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The secret to being a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has been finally revealed by a beloved and famous player.

Mickaela Jogha started playing CS:GO when the game was still in beta stage and now she is one of the best players around the world with no more than 3 World Championships won.

Devotion and dedication have helped Mickaela to propel into the gaming world. Many fans asked her how she got to be so good at this game. Did she have a secret? Maybe. We wanted to answer to your questions and we had a little chit-chat with the famous Mickaela “Eagle Eye” Jogha.

Girl playing Counter-Strike

Girl playing Counter-Strike

“Counter-Strike is a game that requires a lot of attention and training. Calm and perseverance greatly help in the road to success. To get to the point, being a professional CS:GO player is not that easy as many of you might think. The road to the “pro level” was as harsh as keeping the title alive. You all know me as “Eagle Eye” due to my tremendous sniping skills and this is very accurate. I spent countless days, even months in front of the screen standing still, holding my breath lurking the enemy and finally killing him with a glorious and godlike zoomless headshot.

Being a sniper is undoubtedly the hardest role in the game. I’ve been called “camper” so many times that if I had 1 penny for every accusation I would have enough money to buy all the games on the Steam platform. Of course that many began to mock me just for the simple fact that I’m a woman, but I learned to ignore them and mind my own business.

One of the most important piece of the puzzle to being a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player is the gear you own. You can’t reach the highest peak with $5 mouse and 10$ keyboard as you can’t climb the high peak mountains without mountain gear! If you want to start a gaming career, especially as Counter-Strike player, you definitely must have high quality gaming gear. Imagine a soldier going to war with only a stick and a shield in his hands, would he win the war? The answer is definitely NO!

You have gaming gear you exist! I’m so happy when I see people asking on Facebook groups about what mouse or monitor should get for a better gaming performance, because that’s how I succeeded. I have a 18 buttons gaming mouse, every button has it’s own keybind and I know them better than my family! Gaming is a sport and you must have good equipment and training in order to succeed.

Use the advices above and you will surely see performance improvements! Get geared, not killed!” – Mickaela Jogha


Mikaela plans to start her own Twitch channel so you can watch her playing your favorite game! If you have questions for Mikaela, please leave them in the comment section below!

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  • i really like the top image. that chick with the weapon in her hands is really hooooot!

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    “Pro” gamer girl, “3 World championships”, “glorious and godlike zoomless shot.” You’re full of shit just like your self-proclaimed titles, I haven’t seen you win anything or play in anything of importance.

    • Hello! This article is a satire and should be treated as such! Thanks for stopping by!

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