Riot Games to Dump League of Legends Statue in the Ocean. Free Account Transfers

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Riot Games have decided to do something odd but pretty extraordinary with their latest “Ocean Weak” campaign. They plan to throw a statue of an in-game character in the Australian reef. Players that participate in the campaign stand a chance to have their Summoner’s name immortalized. If you qualify your player name will be engraved on the statue.

Nautilus, Fizz and Nami. The three potential statue figures

The Ocean Week campaign will take place from the 23rd to the 31st of January. The campaign comes with special challenges for players to participate in during the coarse of the event. Each challenge is based on points that the Oceanic community can earn by winning a player vs player (PvP) game with one of the free-rotation champions that are available during the promotional event. Each game win with a ‘free rotation’ champion will earn a point towards the challenge goals for the week.

Here is a list of all the goals and rewards for the Ocean Week:

 30,000 points – 20 Free champions on rotation

  • Unlock 8 additional free champions for the remainder of the Ocean Week Challenge.

90,000 points – 4-Win IP Boost

  • Unlock a 4-Win IP Boost for everyone that contributed at least 1 point before this goal was reached.

130,000 points – Legacy Splash

  • Unlock four aquatic skins from the Legacy Vault. Scuba Gragas, Sailor Gangplank, Frozen Shen and Angler Jax will be put back in the store through February 8.

175,000 points – Upgraded Mystery Gifts

  • Unlock a 2x chance of a legendary skin when purchasing a mystery gift! Applies to Mystery Skin Gifts for a Friend through February 8.

275,000 points – Artificial Reef

  • Contribute a tidal wave of points and we’ll create a champion-themed artificial reef that will become a home for sea creatures. If you contribute at least three points before this goal is reached your Summoner Name will be recorded on the statue that gets sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Unlocking this goal will trigger a vote to decide if the statue should be Fizz, Nami or Nautilus!

Riot noted that there will be other in-game fights available as well as free account transfers to the Oceanic server for players from the North American server.

While Riot Games are preparing to dive a statue in the ocean, Valve states that League of Legends will make a hole in the water because DotA 2 is still the best made MOBA game and they too have something extraordinary ready to be shown in a couple of weeks.

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