Summoner’s Rift Gameplay Updates

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I will write here gathered important information about new Summoner’s Rift gameplay updates such as terrain changes, game camera, game clarity and epic encounters. Let us begin, shall we?

Terrain Changes



With the Rift update, they’re working on a change to standardize base walls to be thin and dashable near the turrets and thicker between the turrets. This should mean that short-dash champions like Nidalee will be able to visually parse which walls are actually Pounce-able.


Game Camera

Because the camera aims at the ground plane at an angle, the viewing area is in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, not a rectangle. This means players see more at the upper end of the screen than at the lower end, resulting in some undesirable parity issues based on whether threats are approaching from the top or bottom of the screen. In addition, the current field of view creates perspective distortion near the edges of the screen, resulting in subtly warped skill shots and targeting indicators. -according to RiotNome

For the new Summoner’s Rift, they’ve made adjustments to compensate. The field of view is decreased, but to compensate the camera itself was pulled further from the ground plane. This change balances the viewing area differentials between the top and bottom of the screen. For most, these changes will be barely perceptible, but they hope they provide a functional improvement in gameplay.

Game Clarity

With some of our older content, such as the much-beloved minions, we lucked out in terms of readability. They may not have legs, but their simple shapes mean they have a recognizable silhouette and lumber to their walk. That said, minions were long overdue for a visual update—and while they’re wonderfully readable, they need to be more than a marching triangle to match the new scenery. Happily, the new minions feature an increase in visual fidelity but maintain the low profile of their predecessors. – said RiotNome



They’re aiming to depict all gameplay-impacting effects clearly and visually. This means that invulnerable turrets will be shielded, consecutive turret hits will make a bigger impact and the Fortification buff on turrets will be visualized! Some of these won’t make it in time for the PBE launch, but it’s all on their radar.

New Health Bars



Stay tuned for more League of Legends new Summoner’s Rift posts.

Read another important fact about new Summoner’s Rift here: NEW SUMMONERS RIFT WILL NOT DECREASE FPS. FIND OUT WHY!

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    Freaking awesome! Love the new upcoming update! It will be a blast!!!!

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