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Ashran Battleground 4

Players Claim They Won an Ashran Battleground

Ashran is a large-scale world PvP zone which combines hectic 200-strong PvP combat with strategic elements such as capturable bases and recruitable NPCs, and PvE elements involving gathering resources from mobs, slaying enemy captains...

Jehova World of Warcraft 0

WoW Guild Masters are like Jehova’s Witnesses

Whether you’ve just created a character and you’re in the starting zone or you are at maximum level, inevitably everyone received guild invitation whispers. Those invitations and whispers come from an AddOn called SuperGuildInvite,...

3 Big Lies in World of Warcraft 5

3 Big Lies in World of Warcraft

       1. City of Light quest. Khadgar’s servant Anyone who played Burning Crusade expansion and had done quests in Shattrath city knows this dude is lying. This is one of the most annoying...