Teachers Complain Students Play Hearthstone During Classes


Hearthstone has been recently launched on mobile phones and it is already causing problems to players. No, not the fact that the game is not compatible with Windows Phone, but that it sparked disturbance in some schools.

Several teachers at a school in Lansing, Michigan complained about strange noises during classes that were coming from students’ desks.

“I was often hearing two strange, thick but distinct voices shouting “I’m ready! I’m not ready!” The voices sounded kinda retarded, just like our ex-principal.” – said the teacher.

Later on, it turned out that those strange sounds were coming from students’ mobile phones who were playing Hearthstone during classes.

Another teacher complained that two students have got into a fight because one of them said that the other one played “miracle Rogue” and won the match unfairly. “I don’t even know what that means. I only knew that Jesus is miraculous. – said the teacher very miffed.

The principal of the school responded deeply indignant to this unpleasant event:

“Back in my day, we were playing Texas Hold’Em Poker under school building’s stairways, not this faggy virtual game from which you can’t win a nickel! Bah!”

As a result, Hearthstone has been forbidden to be played on mobile phones, but students still play it on the computer’s lab machines because the computer science teacher is a big fan of Jaina Proudmoore.

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  • I’m ready!

    Hahaha, I liked that with the Ogres :)))

  • Kaven

    Windows Mobile app pls. ty

  • Jules654

    I am also a big fan of Jaina ( . Y . )

    • Jaina’s fireballs are the best!

  • Kulan102


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