The Undermine Journal Set to Close By End of July

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Sad news for every World of Warcraft player as The Undermine Journal is set to close by the end of July.

The Undermine Journal is a website that allows you to access prices for a variety of items on your servers Auction House. This included the ability to chart prices over time, as well as finding low bid items for transmogrification. This is a real gold mine for every player that wants a bit more gold in his pocket.

Here is the official statement of The Undermine Journal:

“July 8th

Due to our server hosting provider being unable to serve our needs, The Undermine Journal will close by the end of July. Until then, our ability to serve you is significantly degraded, with no updated auction history or seller information available on any items on any realm. Summary pages should remain unaffected, though we may be forced to stop updating them at some point. We will try to stay open through the end of the month for notifications subscribers to get some use of their paid service, and obviously we cannot accept any new subscriptions. Beyond July, the future of The Undermine Journal is uncertain. There will probably be a period where this site is completely closed. We may be able to find a new dedicated host, but there are a number of improvements that should be made here before Warlords of Draenor is released anyway. So if WoD is released and The Undermine Journal is down, it’s probably not coming back. We’ll try to keep a page up with details to keep you informed.

Thanks to all our loyal visitors and subscribers since 2010. Hopefully we won’t be gone for long.”

What now? Is there an alternative?

Although this is not good news, fortunately there are alternatives of TUJ’s services: –

This website is not as pretty as Undermine but it seems to have similar aspects.

I checked a few things based and compared it to what I saw on the mobile armory app. Looks like the data is at least a few hours old, so that’s not bad. One major thing that I can’t seem to find is the cost of making something.

For example, UJ would value, say, Shadowleather Leg Armor based on current value of Spirit of Harmony plus Magnificent Leather (or Exotic Leather, if that was cheaper). I don’t see anything like that on WoWuction.


Related Images:

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  • Zora Alvardo

    Well written article, Tynael. Good job!

    Your alternative, WoWuction works like a charm. Hope it will be updated every hour!


  • Ryssuka

    Oh no! That’s really bad news…

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