Top 10 League of Legends Noob Champions


When you are out of wins, out of imagination or inspiration, or even out of sport, but you really wanna feel that you got big balls and to spam the global chat with words like „noob” and „easy”, surely you’re that kind of player who will pick one of those. So here we go, top ten „noob” champs of the League. I have no doubts that there are so many excuses about those champs such as: „all champions are the same, does not matter”, „win at any cost” and „it’s not that true, Teemo is not a noob champ at all. His Q is skillshot …”. If you’re trying to excuse any of them, then please go and play Draven.

10. Garen

The Demacian war-cry(er) is nothing special, but to silence (Q) and dance around the enemy with your sword (E). If you take some damage, no problem just pres W. If not, continue to dance, even this way your enemy is silenced so many times and your ultimate is a secured kill.

9. Blitzcrank

Don’t miss that Q and it’s gg. I mean it, if you get a successfully grab (and it’s not that hard since it does not seem to be like Thresh’s one, it’s instant launch and the victim is at your hand) then you have to knock-up and ulti. Ignoring the tons of damage that he deals, imagine that you also got a friendly ADC nearby and it’s sure kill.

8. Kayle

Hard to protect against her, Kayle is most preferred on top, even though this angel (of death) can properly do a noob work also on mid or in the jungle. Heal with speed, ranged and melee attack and numerous ways to build her with AD, or AP, hybrid or attack speed. Also, do I have to remind you that her abilities, including the ultimate, can be used even on allies?

7. Gangplank

The pirate-human form of Teemo, this bastard just builds some critical for his Q and his laning phase means to spam that ability. His global ultimate will give him easy kills or assists. The heal ability is also a debuff and he takes a lot of movement speed. If he doesn’t go tankie with one or two critical/damage items, he can go on full damage and is the nightmare of any adc or mid-laner.

6. Darius

He might be expensive (6300 IP or 975 RP), but he is the biggest noob champ as an expensive bought. Why so? Because if he catches you with his axe, he can easily use all of his abilities on you. And they deal some serious damage . Also, his ultimate can be used five times and it’s not so hard to use him.

5. Katarina

Ok, so this is nasty. Really nasty. I mean, if you have no stun at all or knock-up in your team, you’re just doomed. I think Katarina got the biggest potential of pentakill since she got a mad cooldown reduction after killing a unit. All she has to do is to wait and killsteal. Hardcore ks.

4. Ryze

In my opinion, Ryze on top is just a stupid meta since you need to buy mana and health. For you maybe, because your opponents will get no sport from that. But you don’t care, right? Spellvamp, shield, damage, tank: all you need, just built in one champion.

3. Teemo

This rat with evil laugh is at the position #3 because we think there can be worse champions than this. When you’re frustrated, you just pick Teemo and go top and if it’s blind, you might be lucky and receive a Nasus or any other non-ranged champ that is easy to poke-until-he-dies-and-if-your-in-danger-press-w. Your only wish would be to not get Riven or Akali on your lane though.

2. Master Yi

No skillshot allowed! And if you still try that, you’ll get Q’ed by him. Also, try to stop this little blind Star Wars-like samurai after he used his ultimate and eventually Yoummu’s Ghostblade, Ghost and Boots of Speed. He’ll be horny enough to be one of the champs with most pentakill chances.

1. Akali

You might think that the nr. #1 noob champ of the top would be Teemo, but I personally do not agree. While the rat can be out taken quite easily early game, this champion can be taken out early game too, but in late game is a big mess.

With a dash-ulti with max. 3 stacks, she can just walk from enemy to enemy or from different mops. What could be so difficult to focus the adc and then other weak champ? Let’s not forget about the immense amount of spellvamp that she got with Hextech Gunblade.

 Special guest: Rek’Sai

Such an ignorant ”wormess”. She went out from Dune’s book or something, but in any case that’s an annoying champ. Ultimate means teleport, and you just have to dig tunnels around the map. When your health is full, no problem, just knock up an opponent and attack him while your bar is full and then go back to your mud: your heal will be rising again.

Also, what’s the deal about counter-jungle? You can do that way more easy than Shaco: just go behind any wall and watch the steps. If you’re kind enough to buy wards, then you’re straight noob.

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  • SproodleTheCat

    Rek’sai is a girl.

    • / Tynael

      Damn, you’re right!

    • Mircea Anghel

      Thanks. Just edited

  • Dimitar Kalmadanski

    Seriously? Akali at #1? You must be kidding me since there are more ways to counter her than there are champions in the league… You also included some champs that really aren’t what you think they are (in this case – noob champs). Such an ignorant and unexperienced author like you shouldn’t be allowed to make posts like this or atleast not without good reasoning. Have that in mind when you want to write something like this shit again in the future!

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