Find Out What Players Around the World Are Doing While Waiting League of Legends Mystery Gifts From Riot

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Waiting is not for anyone. At least that’s what a group of scientists said after they did some research about the behavior of those who are still waiting for the free Mystery Skins promised by RIOT a.k.a Rito.

A lot of people already got them, but most of them are still waiting but let’s see what they did or what did they achieve while waiting for the mystery skin gifts, depending on the country of origin:

– Master Yi is jelly. In China, the players focused their mind so hard that they do moved stones with their mind-powered abilities;

– In Japan, waiting was much more than sworn Bushido warrior could even take so there have been several harakiri rituals put in practice;

– In Germany, protests against Islam turned into protests anti Riot Games;

– In France, they surrendered every single game as soon as they managed since they found out that a free skin is on the way;

– The Arabic players took the first mystery skins because the Riot Games Headquarters have been threatened by Al- Qaeda and ISIS terrorists attacks;

– The Australians don’t give a damn. They got summer time and they bought the pool party skins long ago and no other skin ever rose the interest for them;

– Meanwhile, in Mother Russia, users are trying to trade the mystery skins for mystery vodka.

North Koreans are praising the All-Mighty leader, God, Judge, Chief, Final Boss and Executioner Kim Jong-Un for inventing the electric power;

– Viktor Orban, the Hungarian president, have been thought of taxing all the mystery skins that the Hungarian people received by now;

– In Greece, they didn’t even hear about this. They are too busy being lazy and sleeping all day to even turn on the PC;

Romanians who didn’t get the skin yet, have backstabbed their co-nationals who managed to steal them. Those who didn’t backstab anyone, were asking how to distill the alcohol from the gifts;

– In Canada they got outside, on a sunny day, to fish under the ice;

– In the United States this free gift means nothing. Everyone is waiting for Half Life 3;

– The Turks extremists who threatened to blow themselves up as a response to Erdogan Government are not saying „Allahu Akbar” anymore, but „Rito pls”;

– In the U.K, the Englishmen gave all of the skins to the Scots as a sign of their gratitude, so they will not try to separate the server anymore;

Italians are wondering if this skin is suitable for a new pizza recipe;

– In Africa they requested special protection for those skins in case they are infested with Ebola;

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  • jester

    nice one, really liked it! LoL!

    • Mircea Anghel

      I’m glad to read that 😀

  • dodgemaster

    let’s go to mars while waiting for nice player to join my team so i can win a ranked game at last.

    • Mircea Anghel

      Know that feeling. Now I’m struggling with the latest League of Legends patch (again). And they called me traitor coz I wanna play Dota …

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