WoD Beta: Mount Descriptions & More

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Warlords of Draenor finally stepped in Beta stage a few days ago and the information about the new content continues to flow incessantly over the whole internet.

I want to show you a new feature that saw the light of the day: mount descriptions will be a new feature among other dozens of new features in Warlords of Draenor. It’s a nice and interesting feature that enliven the game and it makes it more fun and interesting.

Right a few days ago I was thinking if my favourite mount will ever have an in-game description. It would be more interesting if mounts would have a brief history in the description in Mounts section. What do you think about this idea?

However, my idea is close to what Blizzard wants to do. I managed to gather 40 images of in-game mounts with description included in Mounts section. I read all the descriptions and I can say that the texts are written in the typical Blizzard humor and sarcasm which is good because I really love and enjoy it.

Will description be more detailed  in the future?

I don’t know the answer at this question. I hope they will create a Journal such as the Dungeon Journal where every mount has its own tale and description. For the beginning, the feature is promising and I’m sure it’ll be updated in the near future.

I think that if you have a story of your mount you will become more attached to that mount and the journey into Azeroth will be more enjoyable.

Check the gallery images below to see the Mount Descriptions!

Related Images:

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