World of Warcraft’s Dungeon Finder is the New Online Dating Tool

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For many, World of Warcraft it’s not just a game. People can spend days, weeks or even months engaged in it.  Needles to say, it becomes more of a second life in which dedication, relationships building and problem solving are all key components to success inside World of Warcraft.

Dungeon Finder is a tool for finding groups for dungeons, battlegrounds and custom parties, as well as a means of directly entering those instances. The tool gained popularity immediately after the RealID system implementation whereby groups are formed of players realm-wide.

While in recent weeks players use this tool to search for party groups for dailies and Highmaul raids, others use it for something more practical and heartwarming. All in all, real life is more important than virtual life, right?

Lulu, a famous girl streamer from Romania sent us a picture showing a player who’s searching for a girlfriend using the Dungeon Finder tool. The most important thing to note here is that this solitary man’s raid is set on Heroic but the “female life partner”

Man searches for girlfriend on WoW’s Dungeon Finder [via Lulux].

doesn’t require item level to join him. Girls, have you ever heard such beautiful words from a fellow gamer? In these days when Heroic Highmaul is pretty damn hard, a good hearted man offers you the chance to do Heroic Highmaul in exchange for your friendship. Now that’s a perk!!! How can you not accept such an offer?

Moreover, he cleared all the Heroic Highmaul bosses so that’s what we call a real man!

If you too have in mind looking for a girlfriend on the Dungeon Finder, I suggest using this World of Warcraft social network called Faces of WoW.

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  • Apostolescu Alex

    I saw some people who search a teammate with Dungeon Finder… It’s quite funny for me because they can go outsite and socialize instead of play on computer!

    • / Tynael

      Hello, Alex! Same apply for Facebook. #lol

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