WoW Guild Masters are like Jehova’s Witnesses

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Whether you’ve just created a character and you’re in the starting zone or you are at maximum level, inevitably everyone received guild invitation whispers. Those invitations and whispers come from an AddOn called SuperGuildInvite, created by Janiie, developed to aid any person who wishes to invite new players to guild.

This AddOn is very useful for Guild Masters who want to populate the guild, but as usual things get out of control and this tool lost its basic functions.

Nowadays, this tool is being used by 10 years old kids who just managed to beg a few invites in the major cities in order to create their puny guilds and they believe they are able to lead a guild and the poor guildless player’s chat is being spammed by those 10 years old wannabees.

As if spamming the poor man’s chat isn’t enough, the whispers are downright hilarious and silly. Most whispers contain magnificent lies and lure players with free repairs and perks which sometimes make players to join a guild.

Once you have made the mistake of your life by joining such a guild, most 10 years old guild masters will master a big dick attitude leaving you without repairs and access to guild bank tabs.

If you haven’t left from such a guild until now, the 10 years old guild master will schedule plans for you, without asking, such as raiding a low level raid just to get him a transmog item.

Jehova’s witnesses proceed the same way: they knock on your door, annoy you, start chatter about silly and unreal things trying to manipulate you and if for the love of God you joined them your life for now on will be bitter.

If you went through all this, I’m sorry, there is /gquit command you can use whenever you want and whenever you need.

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