WoW Player Sanctified by Pope After He Killed 36k Demons

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A young lad from Wisconsin has been sanctified by the Pope himself after it was proved that he killed over than 36.000 demons throughout his career as a professional World of Warcraft player. The Catholic priests have found his character on the Armory while they were looking for a good Holy Priest build. The priests were amazed when they saw his stats and decided to sanctify him.

The great news took the young Tim by surprise. He never expected anything like this and no other WoW player has ever heard of such a story before. Right after Tim received the big news, the Pope gave a speech at the St. Peter’s Square, in Vatican, about the importance of combating the evil in the world, even in the virtual one. Right after Pope’s speech, he then canonized Tim, on Skype, in front of the excited crowd.

Tim said that he just did his duty for the Horde and that he killed about 6.000 demons only by farming for Rivendare’s Reins in Stratholme. “I think I ran Stratholme about 234 times.” – said Tim.

“However, the mount still hasn’t dropped yet but the fact that I earned the World’s First Sanctified World of Warcraft Player makes me jump out of my pants!” – said Tim, while being cheered by the crowd on Skype.

At the end of the festivity, Tim promised to banish all the demons on Azeroth, but it will be difficult to achieve this goal because they have a fast respawn rate.

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  • Brandon Wilkins

    Stratholme is occupied by the Undead Scourge, and while they may have originally been created by the Burning Legion, they have *zero* affiliation with any demons. They were controlled by the then Lich King, Arthas Menethil, but have since splintered into a new faction controlled by the Cult of the Damned. Meaning demons never had any influence in Stratholme (at least not since the Third War thirty years ago).

    Git gud skrub, kek

    • REG

      ok lore nerd 😛

      • Brandon Wilkins

        Your bandana is soooo cool. Did you buy yours, or knit it? And where can I get one? I want to look like I shoot with my gun sideways, but spend an equal amount of time online as you.

        The joke is that you’re not cool on the internet. No one is cool on the internet. <3

    • Huil

      The Church consider to be demon everything that is related to something devilish, impure, or Kardashian.

    • / Tynael

      My grandma has not been influenced by Sargeras and her view of demons is still classic (Walking deads, Phantoms, Banshees and other shady things). She might be in needed of updating the client.

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