About Us

What is Hallowed Gaming?

Hallowed Gaming was created with one sole intent: providing video games players with useful insights, guides, tops and lists to make their favorite games even more enjoyable.

We are dedicated to the rules of gameplay and to the gaming community. As such, we have a firm stance against “unauthorized third party programs” (e.g. hacks, bots etc.), virtual item markets, real money trading (RMT) and powerleveling services. You will never see us support such efforts.

We are constantly striving to improve the site and provide you quality content. We’d love to know what you think, so if you have any suggestions be sure to contact us!



Hallowed Gaming was originally created as a satirical gaming news site in June of 2014. Since then, thousands of visitors had a great laugh reading our satirical yet informative articles about things that happen in our favorite games universe. These kind of articles can still be found in Satire section.

After a successful year of publishing humorous articles, we’ve decided to get things to a whole new level.

We’ve wanted to have a bigger impact in the gaming community and we believe that this may be possible by providing you with useful information about the games you play.

This is the place where you can find gold making guides, leveling tips and tricks, interesting top 10 lists and so much more.