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Counter Strike Global Offensive Contract 1

Police Investigates CS:GO Weapon Trades

Thousands of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items are traded every day, especially assault weapons and knives among which some of them cost thousands of dollars. Trading assault weapons is dangerous, even if it’s just a...

How to be an effective DotA 2 captain 2

How To Be An Effective DotA 2 Captain

 Over the past one or two weeks I’ve manage to increase my mmr by 500 after being stuck around the same level for about a year. Why captain’s mode, you may ask? I could...

DotA 2 Londe Druid Spirit Bear 0

Is Lone’s Druid Spirit Bear a Hero or Not?

Is Lone’s Druid Spirit Bear a hero? To be honest I haven’t thought about it until now. In essence, the Spirit Bear is Lone’s Druid pet. But how the abilities and spells from DotA...