Gothic Fans Called to Take a Look at New Piranha Bytes’ Game

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Piranha Bytes saga's

We have heard about a new video game that is under development: ELEX (eclectic, lavish, exhilarating, xenial), which is going to be launched late 2016 or in 2017.

Seems pretty clever to summon your hard dying fans, especially when they are still dreaming for some new Gothic stuff. The truth is hard to be embraced, but it is clear that Piranha Bytes is not going to launch any other Gothic-related product.

After they created the core of the series (I, II, add-on Night of the Raven and III. Forsaken Gods and Arcania: Gothic IV were developed by different companies, but in my opinion they are not to be taken in consideration) and after the breakup with JoWood Entertainment, Piranha Bytes started developing the Risen trilogy.

ELEX will be published by Nordic Games, the same company that bought JoWood’s brands after bankruptcy. So they might been thinking about a Gothic revival, but they refused and chose to move on.

Their decision is understandable. Gothic series is popular in Europe, mostly in Germany and Eastern Europe, but for the American fans it may not have seemed so interesting interesting and, after all, the Americans are the one who put the money in the gaming industry.

Gothic 3 has been created in an „USA-friendly” manner, but mostly in vain. Bad optimization and the enormous amount of bugs made a lot of players angry.

Risen didn’t managed to achieve a mainstream success neither, but unlike Gothic it failed to create a private group of fans. Risen was in fact a recap of the first two Gothic in the aspects of story-line and concept, but with new and better graphics and combat system. The second and third games of the saga failed to gain sympathy of any kind.

So the question is: what is Piranha Bytes planning?

It’s hard to believe that a video game developer with only 25 employees got the resources to create a video game that could stand against games like The Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition or even Skyrim.

Would they try to revive their undead Gothic fans? Or would they focus on an indie game rather than fighting the windmills until they achieve the mainstream success? We shall see.

All we can do is to quote the last words of the Nameless Hero, at the end of Gothic 3, hoping he will be right:

Only one thing is certain. All will be well!

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