Warlords of Draenor Ending Revealed! Spoilers alert!

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The ending of the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion has been revealed yesterday afternoon at PAX East:

[Grommash lies broken and dying on the floor. As he gasps in pain, the shade of his son appears over him]

Grommash: MY SON! Is it…over? [Garrosh’s shade takes his father’s hand]

Garrosh: At long last. No warchief rules forever, my father.

Grommash: I see…only darkness…before me. [Grommash’s eyes roll up in his head and he dies. Garrosh closes his father’s eyes and turns to the waiting Vol’Jin]

Garrosh: Without its master’s command, the restless Iron Horde will become an even greater threat to our world. Control must be maintained. There must always be… (lightning strike on background) a Warchief. [Garrosh’s ghost vanishes. Vol’Jin picks up Grommash’s weapon, Gorehowl]

Vol’Jin: [solemn] The weight of such a burden…it must be mine, for there is no other to…

Thrall: VOL’JIN! You hold a grim destiny in your hands, brother, but it is not your own!

Vol’Jin: Thrall! [horrified, as he sees Thrall] By all that is holy…!

[Thrall is revealed to be burned, scarred, decrepit and corpse-like, as a result of what he suffered at the battle at the Tanaan Jungle]

Thrall: The orc’s blades ..sealed my fate. Our world…can no longer comfort me. Give me the weapon, Vol’Jin. Forever more, I will be the jailer of these orcs!

Vol’Jin: No, old friend. I cannot…

Thrall: Do it, Vol’Jin! You and these brave heroes have your own destinies to fulfill. This last act of service…is mine. Vol’Jin:[solemn] You will not be forgotten, brother.

Thrall: [insistent] I must be forgotten, Vol’Jin! If the world is to live free from the tyranny of fear, they must never know what was done here today!

Thrall: Tell them only that Grommash is dead…[his voice acquires the characteristics of Grommash] and that Thrall…died with him.

Thrall: Now go! Leave this place, and never return!

[dramatic music ends]

Written by Tomxj

Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment

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  • Jubil

    this is so awesome

    • Thrall the Green Jesus approves.

  • Jshadow

    This was funny the 1st time… 5 years ago, but not anymore.

    • Ashe

      I disagree, it’s still funny to see how plots look alike sometimes.

      • Jshadow

        I just don’t see it…

    • How was Arthas’ death funny to you? I cried like a baby.

      • Jshadow

        I mean the joke that was the sipnnoff after Arthas’ death.

        • You mean this joke is old? How comes? The Warlords of Draenor plot wasn’t available when Arthas died.

          • Jshadow

            When people playing WoW made a joke about death of a character or a big change happening, they always used the “Arthas’ death moment” as a formula. After the 10th attempt of trying to be funny, it just got old.
            Now somebody’s trying to be “check it out! nobody’s done this before!”, in hopes people have already forgotten that it’s half a decade old thing that’s been over and done.

          • I see your point, but:

          • Ashe


  • dodgemaster

    Uwe Boll should direct Twilight!

  • Mahatma

    No Warchief rulea forever!

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